Turning Dull Into Wow

Every marketer has a favorite industry sector that they find inspiring. It’s fair to say that the audience too identifies with exciting advertising.

You only need to watch TV spots to recognize the most creatively satisfying products. Perfume ads, for instance, provide a snapshot of a personal story, from the playful and outgoing Keira Knightley in Chanel’s spot for Coco Mademoiselle to the dramatic and risk-taking Natalie Portman in Dior’s new commercial, Miss Dior. Ultimately, whether you are a customer or not, you have to admit that some advertising campaigns are naturally exciting. But it’s easy to see why: The products they promote build an inspiring everyday routine we aspire to. What if your industry sector isn’t quite as exciting? How do you establish a WOW factor out of a dull sector?

Wow factor


Work with an expert who understands your requirements

While every company has a role to play in the economy, it’s true that customers tend to identify better with casual and everyday products: Beauty, fashion, cars, travels, etc. In comparison, companies that don’t offer everyday customers services or products, such as finances or the legal sector, can be more difficult to market for a creative team. That’s precisely why you need to work with an expert such as Berbay Marketing & PR, from the start. Indeed, professional services are without a doubt a dry subject that needs to be addressed adequately. These sectors offer specialist services. Consequently, their marketing strategy needs to promote factual knowledge over lifestyle inspiration. A creative agency lacks the relevant experience to comply with the specific regulations and communication requirements of professional sectors.  

Put a face to your words

A dry subject doesn’t have to be inaccessible. In fact, where professional services might lack the excitement of a lifestyle to aspire to, they can make up for it by adding a personal touch to their marketing presence. Indeed, visual channels can give your business more depth. Creating videos, for instance, can benefit your engagement strategy. Videos increase the marketing interaction rate, meaning that for similar information, the audience is more likely to react to a video than read a blog article. Additionally, a video lets you, as a professional, express empathy with your clients, which can be more difficult to do through a text-based medium. You can also use the video channel as a portal to address queries in a casual and conversational tone – the kind of tone that you may not feel confident using on your website. This is helpful to target voice-command researches.  

Don’t let your jargon confuse customers

Professional services tend to use a jargon that clients don’t always understand. Unfortunately, a lot of clients don’t feel comfortable asking for clarification. Inevitably, the language barrier can make this industry sector appear dull because it feels for many as if they needed a dictionary to decipher your words – needless to say, people ignore your content as a result. So, in an effort to undullify the professional sector, it’s key that your marketing communication doesn’t rely on incomprehensible jargon. While you are still required to use specific vocabulary as part of your everyday activities, remember to use a language that is clear and concise with your clients.

Understand your audience

It would be foolish to assume that professional services don’t need to develop marketing personas in the same way that other sectors. In reality, law firms, real estate agencies, and financial services have a stronger need to understand their clients, so that they can adjust their communication. The buyer persona is a composite sketch of one isolated segment of your audience. For marketing purposes, these sketches let you identify what your audience needs, and consequently how to target them.

Marketing personas

Use savvy storytelling for your sector

Last, but not least, we’ve seen that memorable TV spots use storytelling methods. Telling a compelling story that engages the buyer and creates an emotional connection with the service sold is a valuable marketing tool for all sectors. Indeed, the human brain reacts positively to storytelling and develops a strong emotional attachment to products and services as a result. For realtors, for instance, the story of the home can significantly increase its value. A law firm sells the chance to bring a family together again, for example.

Professional services don’t generate the same excitement that a new fashion item. Anyone who works in a financial or legal sector has experienced the lack of engagement when they talk about their job. But these sectors are dull as a result of poor marketing strategies. Turning dull into wow is precisely the challenge of a specialist who understands your requirements, your audience, and your communication needs.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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