Have You Tried These Simple Marketing Tricks?


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The biggest issue with employing marketing tactics and strategies is the amount of time they take to develop and complete. They tend to be highly time-consuming processes. However, what if you could find ways to accomplish the same results in a much faster, time-efficient way. It is possible, it is just a matter of concentrating on the right areas of marketing to minimize how much time you and your staff waste.  Read on to find out more.

The first thing you’ll need to do is open your eyes to new ideas, and not dismiss them simply because they are new. You may well be a successful company that has been doing business for the past 32 years, but that doesn’t mean the way you’ve been doing business is perfect. There are always ways to improve and adapt, and that is what your first step should be when it comes to marketing. Sit down with your colleagues and brainstorm. Look at your current methods and decide whether they are really worth the time and effort. If they are not, then drop them from your strategy.

The great thing about marketing is that there are ways to measure success, and that is what you should be doing. You should be looking at the impact a certain marketing approach has had and analysing the results it has produced. If it is clear a certain strategy is working then why not do what marketers call ‘doubling-down’. At the same time you should also look to eliminate any strategies that are costing your business money and, more importantly, time.  

Manage your time better. Of course this is hard, but it is a skill you should be putting an emphasis on, especially if there are managing staff in your company. The best way to manage time is to set a limit to each task. Does a meeting need to take 2-hours or will a specific agenda allow this meeting to be wrapped-up successfully in 45 minutes? Of course it doesn’t. As such, try and cut down on recurring meetings. This trick will see improved efficiency within your company and create a drive toward a more results-based focus.

The other way to stop time being eaten by tasks, is to start automating the reporting of certain results. We live in a technological age; there is software that manages marketing analytics. This will severely reduce the time you spend on unnecessary administrative tasks.

Don’t try and do too many things at once, that includes marketing. You may think the more marketing avenues you attack the better, but taking on too much will risk have a negative effect on the business because your marketing will be a lot loess focussed. The best way to address this is by using data analytics where possible and getting your staff to read up on search engine tips that will help them improve in their role.

The other thing you can do to help your staff out is teach them the power of saying no to taking on extra work, or extra tasks. This will take the pressure off them more than you can imagine and allow them to better perform in the job they were hired.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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