Tracking Your Social Media Sharing With ShareThis

Tracking Your Social Media Sharing With ShareThis

I recently discovered new WordPress plugin called ShareThis I wanted to write a blog post about.

With the launch of my new site I decided to search for some recent plugins for 2012 to setup social media sharing on my blog. There are so many plugins and widgets available for WordPress it can be quite overwhelming. I wanted to have something very simple and not to ‘in your face’ when it comes to giving my readers a way to share or ‘like’ my content.

Here is an awesome post going over some of the top social media sharing plugins today.

So what is this tracking feature for ShareThis?

ShareThis currently has a beta program for a new widget feature called CopyNShare. Anytime someone shares your content you are not only helping create back links to your content you have the ability to see who is sharing it and track this information! I thought this was pretty cool so I set this up yesterday and registered.

You can read the FAQ on CopyNShare here.

Here is a snipped of the description of CopyNShare from the ShareThis plugin settings page-

sharethis copynshare

Here is a preview of the tracking page for the CopyNShare ShareThis page (Keep in mind I JUST installed this plugin and have not begun promoting my site).


I am excited to see how my SQI score will compare once I really start promoting my website and working on SEO for my site. I may also install ShareThis on a couple other websites I run just to see how it will do. I run a website strictly for music and sharing is a big part of helping bands get discovered.

What are some advantages to tracking your shares with ShareThis?

In my opinion, I’d like to see how often on a daily basis people share my content. What type of content they are sharing and on what social media platform. I can hopefully use this information to provide better content in the future and help my readers out. If you happen to run a WordPress site, checkout the ShareThis plugin and register for CopyNShare.

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I was taught to gather all data possible about how a website is doing. Every piece of information you gather can help you in some way. To optimize a blog or website you have to know what people are sharing.

Hi Scott,

I actually decided not to use this plugin but did like the idea of it. I’d contact the developer directly if it’s hurting SEO performance. Thanks for stopping by.

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