Thinking Of Promotional Products? Don’t Make These Big Mistakes!



All of us are living more and more on our computers, and today digital marketing is a bigger driving force behind a business’s success than ever. Having said that, there’s still a lot of potential in traditional marketing methods. One of the most popular mediums of traditional marketing these days is promotional items. If you’re thinking of harnessing the huge potential in this method, make sure you’re steering clear of these common mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Product



Good marketing, as I’m sure you know, is all about pandering to the specific wants, needs and preferences of a given target market. If you’re not keeping this in mind when choosing the promotional product to use, you’re more or less going to be burning your money. If, for example, your target market is mainly professional males in their mid-thirties, then choosing a kitchen utensil as a promotional product isn’t going to be the smartest move you could make. Similarly, if you’re marketing to elderly women, making a bulk order of promotional power banks is invariably going to end up in wasted capital. Obviously, you’d have to be pretty dumb to miss the mark so heavily! Still, I really can’t stress the importance of matching the promotional product to your audience enough.

Being Generic



Finding a memorable product that really stands out is just as important, if not more so, than choosing the right kind of product to slap your logo on. When you get your hands on a promotional product that really stands out from the rest, it will not only create a resounding impression on everyone who comes across it, but will also ensure that you enjoy a powerful brand recall for years down the line. Your business may be in its early days, and the resources you have for traditional marketing may be quite stretched. However, spending a little more on custom branding efforts can pay off massively further down the line. If it’s practical enough, and isn’t going to eat into your budget for other, more pressing things, be sure to go past a generic product with your company logo stamped on it. Think outside the box, and spend a little more on a product that none of your competitors will have.

Being Useless



Various market studies have shown time and time again that people are far more receptive to promotional products that they actually have some use for. Obviously, you’re going to live and breathe your brand, and your mind might be full of all kinds of intricate or beautiful promotional products which will scream wealth and professionalism. I know it may be hard, but kill those fantasies! When you’re running a fledgling start-up and looking to leverage the power of promotional products, then practicality should be the first thing that you consider. Fountain pens with marble patterned shells might look gorgeous, but most people are going to be much quicker to reach for a practical ballpoint pen. Before you start getting quotes, make sure you’re putting practical value over aesthetic value.



Avoid these costly mistakes, and your promotional products are sure to work for you!

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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