The Benefits of Video Content and YouTube For Your Marketing Plan

In this modern day and age, we are inundated by the vast number of new ways that we can grow and market our business with. Gone are the days of just needing billboard space when you can place a social media ad that can be targeted to a specific audience. Plus, there are many new visual channels like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube to discover and use. Today, the latter is going to be discussed; how can YouTube grow your business? It doesn’t have to be sitting down in a vlog style of video. However, when people are lacking patience, video content can be just what they need. Here is all you need to know.



Can Your Business Benefit From YouTube?

If you have a business in some of the following areas, the looking at video content, particularly YouTube, is going to be a great idea.

  • If your business has a focus around something that is video-friendly, such as product launches, a food brand, travel resort or craft business, for example.
  • If your business has a personality and that is part of your marketing and focus, then creating video for ‘behind the scenes’ or for new launches can work really well.
  • If you’re looking to get engagement, feedback, and interaction, then video is a quick and easy way to get that. YouTube is essentially like another search engine.
  • A team that know their way around social media is going to be an advantage. So if you have a someone in your marketing team that is keen to give video content a go, then it could be worth it.

What Are the Benefits of YouTube For Your Business?

Video content on a site like YouTube has many benefits that can help to market and grow your business. As has been said, it is essentially a search engine for people that are looking for video content. If your business is based around physical products, then creating tutorials or demonstrations can be a really good idea. It can be shared on social media, especially if it is something that people are going to be wanting to see (such as a popular toy for Christmas,  for example). Likewise, you can do tutorials that are computer-based if your business is in IT or solves a problem online. You can record these kinds of things yourself, but you could always look at film production companies if you’re new to it all. But by sharing video content, it allows you to show your expertise in an area. Tips, tricks, and expert interviews that relate to your business will help to establish you as a good resource.

With the ability to share live video content, as well as uploads after an event or products launch, you can use it to create a buzz around a new product or initiative. You can also share your brand’s personality. More and more, consumers want to see who is behind the brand, rather than just a corporate entity. It is one of the reasons why bloggers and vloggers are on the rise; they show personality. So if you haven’t considered video content, there are many reasons why you should and why it can help in your marketing plan.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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