Taking Things Seriously: The Website Woes You Need To Iron Out

So much is done online these days that it’s hard to shy away from it at times. For a business, being ever present online as well as in a face to face format are just as important as each other. These days consumers look online to find out the best products or services for their needs, read reviews, share good and bad experiences, and frequently shop from the comfort of their own home. So it’s time to ensure that your website stands up to the competition out there. But where to start? I wanted to share with you some of the website woes you could iron out quickly, helping your business to thrive online.

Is your brand and website up to scratch?

It is time to get a little serious with your website. Gone are the days where you can have a static front page and point everyone to the contact page where a phone call or shop visit is on the cards. Consumers want websites to do it all, that means have the information they want and the option to buy what they want. Is your website up to scratch? Another area to consider is your branding. Does it work well visually in a digital format? Are the colours internet friendly and eye-catching? Could your logo be more apparent and striking? This could be the ideal time to give your website a big overhaul in regards to look and functionality.


Are you visually there on the world wide web?

So you have your site, you have your domain and everything looks the part but are people clicking on your site? Is it working for you? The problem is that there are millions of websites out there and there could be some competition in similar niches and industries to consider. So it’s important to ensure that your website is visually there on search engine results and rankings. This is where search engine optimisation can play a big part to help your website thrive. Enabling the use of keywords to ensure that your site comes up highly recommended on search engines like Google.

Are your customers and clients getting what they want from your website?

Your website may look the part, but does it have everything a customer wants and needs? Do you have a shop facility, a business blog full of information, an easily accessible contact page? These are all key ingredients to creating a successful business website. How many does your business site have?

Could your online site be doing more?

Finally, it’s time to get more serious with the digital world. As each day passes there is yet more technology and online focus, and a business needs to keep up. Could your website do more? Perhaps a blog could help give customers the information they want and need. Maybe you could add more images sor video so that a customer really sees what they are getting for their money. Could you add reviews from customers? Show live tweets on your homepage and better yet linking to your social media profiles? Really think about what you would want from an online business and ensure that your site matches your expectation.

I hope that this helps you iron out those website woes for your business.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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