Subtle Ways To Make Your Instagram More Engaging

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It was only established in 2010, but Instagram has become the most popular social media platform of them all. It’s the most incredible hub for sharing creative content. We’re talking about hundreds of millions of users logging on each and every day, gawping at their screens, following people they love and then interacting with them.

But it’s not just people who have found a way to flourish on this platform – it’s brands too.

Of all the options out there, Instagram could be the best way to connect with your audience. Sure, there are certain must-haves to make this work, such as eye-grabbing imagery and reliable IT support, but it’s also set up for communicating with your audience. Is setup for a bit of back and forth.

With that in mind, let’s chitter-chatter about how you can grow your brand on the phenomenon that is Instagram.

  1. Up Your Bio Game

This is your opening gambit. It’s that little line you tell people when you first meet them. Your first-impression. That’s why you need to up the ante on this front, find a way to keep it fresh and simple and unique and entirely new. That’s where a creative copywriting can change the game for you. Once this is done, make sure you showcase a bit more of you with a link to your website, a blog post, a new video, anything.

  1. A Link To Somewhere

One of the big benefits of Instagram – one that puts it head and shoulders above the rest – is the clickable link it lets you add to your bio. Of course, to make the most of this you need to have either a blog, YouTube account or a website to link to. Rust us, you’ll convert a lot more traffic if you do.

  1. Bring In The Troops

Instagram is making it a whole bunch easier for brands and business to interact with their customers thanks to the introduction of super-simple tools. However, for this to work, you need to accept that your Instagram marketing needs a reliable network to survive. Mmm hmmm. We’re talking about IT support. We’re talking about Red Key Solutions (or someone of that ilk). Marketing takes time, even Insta-marketing, and so the last thing you want is a network crash to make it even longer. Urgh.

  1. Profile Pic Branding

We know how tempting it can be to keep your profile picture fresh by changing it every other fortnight. But try not to. Just stick to something with your logo, or something that people will remember – something that people can easily associate with your brand. It’s the first thing people will look for, a big part of the reputation you keep, and that’s why it needs to be clear.

  1. Get All Arty

Colours are one of the most important branding tools when it comes to your Insta-feed. That’s your way of making a bold impact and reminding people where they are and who you are. It’s your chance to create a subtle theme and become even more memorable, which is super-important with so much competition out there.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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