What Sort Of Investment Does The Right Marketing Need?

Many entrepreneurs will agree that marketing is massively important to the growth of a business, to the increase of sales or services, and certainly to extend your reach and increase your appeal and brand awareness. However, do companies really invest as much into their marketing strategies as they should? What sort if investment is actually needed? With so many options of advertisement and marketing available to companies these days, such as using social media, search engine optimisation, TV, radio, press, and even leaflet drops, there is no surprise that it can all get a little mixed up and feel confused. There is only one thing to blame for this. The sort of investment you are ploughing into your marketing campaigns. I wanted to share with you exactly what sort of investment is needed for the right kind of marketing, and some of them may surprise you.

Invest in the right people

Often the mistake businesses and entrepreneurs can make in their marketing campaign isn’t necessarily the output but the actual person doing the output .Marketing successes need vision and leadership. They need someone who knows your market, knows your demographics and ultimately knows where to invest the most attention and even the financial element. Not having the right people behind you or to be the driving force of your marketing campaign could mean that you are left behind when it comes to exposure and that can then mean a significant drop in sales and revenue. Websites like have some great tips on how to ensure you get the right people working for you.



Invest finances in the right area

The financial side of things can be a sore subject, especially when money has been spent on a marketing campaign that didn’t get the desired response. Of course, money doesn’t grow on trees, and often investment into something needs back up from financial sources from websites like But once you have the financial backing it is essential to spend the money in the right areas. Again this will be directed at the person responsible for your marketing strategy, ensuring that you are advertising and utilising the right things for your target audience.  

Invest in taking advantage of online marketing platforms

Social media platforms are some of the biggest ways to utilise your marketing ideas and get them out there on the internet quickly and affordably. There are staggering figures reported about how the general public use social media. For example, 75% of people check Facebook at least once a day. Most fo the time having pages and profiles on social media is free, and advertising through their platforms can be very cost effective.

Invest in the uniqueness you and your business has

Finally, not enough businesses and brands are taking ownership of their own uniqueness. Marketing is about being different, and often the way people advertise can be spoken of highly, if it is memorable. For example, bigger companies are now humanising their business by giving them a voice. ENgaging and chatting with customers. Figure out what makes you unique and different and don’t be afraid to let that shine throughout out your content and marketing campaigns.

I hope that these tips help you invest in the right areas.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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