Social Media Marketing Has Never Been So Easy


Social media is a godsend for businesses. It should have been a platform that we can all use to, well, socialize! But it has become an incredibly powerful tool for commerce. People can and do shop online, through their social media. Their friends send them links to discounts, sales, and products they might like, etc. It’s an entirely new realm of communication and marketing. As you might expect, anything that operates solely in the public domain is subject to rapid change. Society and culture moves quickly, so as a consequence, so does the marketing techniques being done on social media. Here are the reasons why social media marketing has never been so easy.

Just talk

Live streaming has been incredibly powerful for brands. Case in point, Tesla and Elon Musk have frequently held live stream question and answer periods which anyone can view and join. Think about that. A company that is now valued at $1 trillion, and it’s CEO are open to your questions. You’re sitting in your front room with your pajamas on, and you are in direct contact with a brand that is changing the world forever. If that is not an incredibly powerful marketing technique, then what is it?! All you need to do is just talk. Get on your own live stream and present yourself to the world. Let the viewers know what you are going to be talking about, and ask them their questions. It’s so simple and yet so effective.

Developing an audience

This is the one all your home business heroes have been waiting for right? How on earth do you cultivate an audience so people will want to listen to you? Well, you have to focus on working with companies like Adtaxi which exploit their advanced targeting capabilities to find the right kind of customers and convert them into quality leads for our business. How? Well, it could be a mixture of understanding cookies, i.e. where that person has been on the internet, what product searches have they made or links they have clicked on. Then, funnel the right ones which match your kind of business and products, towards your sales, discounts and other offers.

Keep it short stories

We’re not quite sure where this format of video came from, but boy, is it effective! Shorts are short videos that last 5-20 seconds long. They get straight to the point, don’t often have verbal communication, just a few annotations and they showcase the main feature of a product or service. It’s simple, doesn’t take long to watch and it gets the point of your brand across. This is something you should be exploiting Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Just about anywhere you can post video, shorts should be a leading strategy for your marketing campaign. 

Social media marketing is easier than it has ever been. There is no excuse why you aren’t taking advantage of the plethora of avenues you could walk down. Get creative and be proactive in your advertising projects!

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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