Six Simple Steps To Overcome The Challenges Of Working From A Small Space

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Respecting financial limitations is something that all businesses must do. For many owners, working from a commercial building that’s a little smaller than they’d ideally like is inevitable. It can make life a little tough, but it needn’t end your hopes of success. 

When you acknowledge the obstacles and find a winning strategy to overcome them, success will soon follow. Here are six of the best tips for companies who want to achieve more with their limited spaces with instant results. 

Focus On Hiring Quality Over Quantity 

Employees are the most important asset at any company’s disposal. Working from a compact working environment should not alter this fact in the slightest. If anything, it should encourage you to go the extra mile to find the right candidates. A strong team will provide the perfect platform for success. 

As well as hiring high-quality candidates, you can consider outsourcing parts of admin or marketing to remote workers. Building a rotation where a percentage of employees work from home each day allows you to build a bigger team without extensions. Ether way, staff members should be top of the agenda. 

Reduce The Tech Strain 

Technology plays a central role in modern business, but it can put strain on your restricted work premises. Professional computer networking services can be a very smart investment. As well as removing the need for a designated IT department, the computer and data storage needs will become greatly reduced. 

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Paperless technology is another fantastic solution. This can reduce your need for paperwork, filing cabinets, printers, and more. In addition to supporting your need for productivity in a small workspace, this step also helps you go green. Given the importance of this topic or employees and clients alike, these additional rewards are worth noting. 

Focus On Your Layout 

It’s the oldest cliché in the book, but the size of the space is far less important than how you use it. An open-plan office space can completely transform the possibilities. Meanwhile, if meetings with clients are rare, you can lose this room and opt to take them out for lunch instead. In many situations, it’ll actively set a better first impression too. What’s not to love? 

Office spaces aren’t the only location that can embrace an interior upgrade. An organized shop floor can have a telling impact on sales. As well as leaving floor space and actively dressing the shop with sales in mind, mobile POS terminals are key. This allows your sales reps to provide a personalized service. 

Outsource Your Customer Care 

The prospect of outsourcing some jobs has already been touched upon. However, outsourcing your entire customer care services can be particularly useful. For very small companies, an automated call diversion package may suffice. This allows your staff to handle all themselves without losing large portions of their day. 

Bigger operations may want to use a more comprehensive service. Having a dedicated team that can field calls, emails, and other correspondences without losing office space is very useful. This means that all available workspaces can be used for productivity. This instantly gives you a better chance of achieving your objectives. 

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Install A Mezzanine Floor 

If you are unable to grow the physical dimensions from an external perspective, boosting the internal space is key. A mezzanine floor can transform showrooms, manufacturing units, warehouses, and various other workspaces. It’s a very cost-effective solution that also avoids the obstacles associated with a move. 

Depending on the type of building and function of the space, external changes can be made too. In either scenario, it can feel as though you’ve moved to a far bigger commercial property. This opens the door to a host of new opportunities, ultimately boosting your hopes of success in the process. When possible, this option is certainly one to consider. 

Consider Your Growth Options 

The harsh reality is that your compact shop space might struggle to satisfy your plans for growth and reaching bigger audiences. There are many ways to test the waters of growing the business, such as opening a popup store or using trade shows to your advantage. Partnerships with retailers can be a useful solution too. 

When considering the prospect of opening new stores, it’s also possible to look at franchising. Allowing someone else to manage a secondary store while staying true to the overall brand can be the ideal solution. You’ll earn a percentage of their earnings for very little work while building the brand as a whole. Crucially, the risks are far smaller. 

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