Let Me Share With You The Secrets To Running A Successful Blog

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Blogs are a brilliant way to give an opinion about something online. They serve as online resources for people interested in a particular niche or topic. These days, blogs aren’t just run by individuals. They also get set up by businesses and organisations too.

To all intents and purposes, a blog is just like any other website. It has pages and multimedia elements on those pages. Search engines like Google “index” those pages just like standard websites. Are you thinking of setting up a blog soon? If so, you might be wondering what are the secrets to creating a successful one. Here is what you need to know:

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Host your blog yourself

It’s often tempting to use a hosted blog like Google’s Blogger, for example. But, I recommend self-hosting your new blog. The easiest option is to install WordPress on your host.

The process of installing it is easy. It’s made even easier by the fact that most hosts offer a one-click installation service. Why is it important to self-host your blog? The answer is simple: flexibility. You have complete control over your blog and can customise it according to your needs.

Only use a fast host

Sticking with the subject of hosts, it’s important you choose a fast one. It might cost you a little more than the cheaper options on the market, but the benefits are worth it.

For a start, your visitors can access your content with ease. They won’t have to wait around for pages to load. And search engines will rank your site higher because of the fact too.

Make sure you have clearly defined call to actions

A call to action is the term used to describe the thing you want people to do. It could be anything, from downloading an ebook to signing up to your newsletter. If you plan on selling products on your site, your call to action might be getting users to buy stuff from you.

It’s important your call to actions are clear and make sense. CRO services providers often find that blogs fail because of poor call to actions.

Keep your content compelling

If you want people to visit your blog, you need to have content worth reading. Don’t just write blog posts for the sake of them. Curate content that you know your visitors will love. When you do that, you can almost guarantee that your content will go viral!

One thing you should do is look at established and successful blogs in your niche. What is it about them that makes visitors keep coming back for more?

Don’t be afraid to write in the first person

The mistake that many blog owners make is writing in the third person. Blogs run by individuals shouldn’t feel ashamed to admit that fact. In fact, you’re more likely to gain a bigger following by making your posts more personal.

Don’t just take my word for it. I’ve come across case studies that measure the success of first vs. third person blogs. It comes as no surprise that the former offers higher readership.
Good luck with your new blog!

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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