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Recruitment can be a headache for small businesses. Taking time out to draw up a job description, person specification and sifting through piles of applications is a long process. If you’re looking for your new role, how can you ensure that your resume stands out from the rest?

Here, we take a look at what recruiters are searching for in the ideal resume, no matter what industry you’re in.

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The Resume

Chances are your potential new bosses have a candidate profile that they’re working towards recruiting.

The clues are all there in the job description (JD) and the person specification (PS) that will have been sent to you in the job pack. Start by going through these two documents and writing down exactly what hard and soft skills are required, what experience and education you’ll need to demonstrate and what ‘extras’ would make you a more attractive candidate for the role.

Your resume should be different for each job you apply for, so if you’ve sent it out in previous applications you will need to adapt it for this one.

Personal Statement

Start with your personal statement, usually written in the third person. Many recruiters will make a decision based on this introductory paragraph alone. You will be telling your reader exactly the skills and experience you can bring to a role. Don’t be vague or too general, speak to your specific skills. You might also want to list clients you’ve worked with if you’re applying for a PR or marketing role.

Then you’ll be looking to highlight your hard and soft skills, matching exactly the ones listed in the JD and with a nod to any real life examples. You may want to then go through a chronological list of  your previous employment or education but you may choose to concentrate on one or other, depending on how they have been referred to in the PS.

A resume doesn’t have to be chronological it can also follow a more functional style, this is especially useful if you have gaps in your work history or don’t have much experience in the industry.

Avoid Mistakes

Make sure that you have your resume checked over for spelling and grammar issues. You could ask a friend to read through for you or use an online tool. Don’t forget to include the basics, including your name, address, email, telephone and links to any professional social media, such as LinkedIn or your own website or blog, but only if it’s relevant.

Preparing your resume will take time to get right. Approach it methodically and logically and give yourself plenty of time to get it right. The perfect resume is quite possible but it just takes a little time to get perfect. Don’t sell yourself short, shout your skills from the rooftops and with a little perseverance you’ll soon find yourself called up to interview. Have confidence in your abilities and you’ll land that dream job in your field before you know it.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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