Productiity Roadblocks Your Business Should Smash Through

When you’re in the middle of your stride, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself suddenly faced with a wall that blocks any further progress. Your entire team feels the same way. Productivity roadblocks have a more negative impact than the obvious fact that they prevent work. They create frustration and lower morale through the entire business. So, what are some of the major roadblocks you can make sure are no longer able to stand in your way?

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Technical errors

We’re so reliant on tech these days, it’s easy to see the strength of implementing plenty of hardware and software in the business. But that strength can also become your weakness. When that tech is no longer available, the company can come grinding to a halt. The majority of IT problems can be solved with the right IT support services. The ability to foresee potential trouble as well as trouble-fixing is why you need experienced technicians working with the team rather than just Googling every error that pops up. As for specific software, you should avoid using legacy software if you want to avoid technical errors. Stick to premium software that has a responsive customer service team attached to it when possible.


Miscommunication can do a lot more than stop work in its tracks, it can waste everyone’s time by making everyone work from false premises. If your internal operations are breaking down and errors are happening regularly, it’s a sign you have a big communication problem. By making communication a more effective and efficient process, you can reduce that risk greatly. For instance, rather than forcing employees to ask one another for information or resources, create internal resources that are easily shared through a Cloud storage network. The less you put the burden of communication on individual employees and the more you systematize the information your team needs, the less likely those errors become.

Unhappy employees

You can’t make everyone happy. However, if you find that the majority of your team seems dissatisfied or unmotivated, you should assume that you can do something to help with it. The less happy and engaged an employee, the less productive and the less likely they are to be creative when finding solutions to common issues or challenges. If they don’t feel like they have direction, could you set goals that are clearer for them? If they don’t feel appreciated, could you establish a rewards system? You are likely to come across a problem employee from time to time, and sometimes there’s no way to help them. But if the problem is widespread, you have to look at the company culture, not just the individual.

The more thought you put into the potential loss of productivity and time, the abler you are to find the support structures that stop them from becoming a problem. Rather than fighting fires as they erupt, think of the metaphorical fire safety policies that stop them from erupting in the first place. You will face a lot less downtime if you do.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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