How I Got Page Rank 1 in One Month

*Update 8/31 – I originally wrote this blog post when I ran my prior domain The social comments don’t apply to

So let’s talk about how I got page rank 1. I decided to create my own personal blog back in September, I wanted to promote Empower Network as well as affiliate programs such as TweetAdder. I also wanted to write useful blog content that would enlighten others, help them discover something new and try to post mostly content with a purpose and not just put junk up.

I learned from a fellow marketer and interesting strategy she uses for blog promotion, you will notice a lot of people try different techniques and I saw hers was very different and unique.

How Social Proof Got Me Page Rank 1

So if you take a look at the home page of you will see that I have a media share bar on the left side of my home page, as you scroll this share bar will follow you. This makes it very noticeable to new visitors, the social sharing has helped me get to page rank 1. I have now 134 Tweets, 4 on Buffer (a new tool a lot of people don’t know about, 334 Facebook likes and 74 Google +1 shares and 67 Facebook comments! This is really awesome for just 1 month of promotion on my blog.

I have received a total of 2313 visitors and 1704 of them were unique. I am averaging about 50 visitors a day. I have only done on-page SEO and I have not looked much into see how well any of my posts are ranking on Google (if at all). I have focused on specifically creating what I call ‘social proof’ and that is all of the shares, and comments from real people!

I firmly believe the combination of using traffic exchange systems with this social proof promotion got me to page rank 1.

Achieving Page Rank 1 – What is Page Rank?

Ok so enough about reaching page rank 1, you might be wondering what page rank is? I will provide this wiki link if you would like to read into the specific details about it. The easy explanation:

Google ranks sites based on a Page Rank, this can be Page Rank 1 – 10 (or even 0). Youtube is Page Rank 9 for example. “The rank value indicates an importance of a particular page” – Wiki

So how did you get all those people to comment and share your website to achieve page rank 1?

I will share the strategy with you if you decide to checkout this presentation here (enter your e-mail to view it). Once you have watched the video friend me on Facebook.

I hope you liked my post on how I achieved Page Rank 1 in just 1 month, make sure to connect with me!

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Google updates PageRank only about once every three months. The fact that you achieved PR1 in only a month simply means that your timing was right. You started the site about one month before the next PR update and yes, you got a bunch of social shares (which count as lower quality links), which boosted your PR. Great job.

I had similar results on a site that I started last fall. At the time, the site was only about a month old, had only 7 articles on it, had very few social shares, but had a few good links pointing back to a couple of the posts. PR1 at the next Google PR update. 3 months later, I had achieved PR2 with maybe only 15 posts on the site, but again, some high PR links pointing back to some of those posts.

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