Optimizing Your Mobile Site

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The world has gradually gone mobile over the last decade or so, and it’s fair to say that this is a trend that is set to continue long-term which is why, if you want to make money online, you need to optimize your website for mobile.

Here are some really simple things you can do to ensure your website performs at its peak when being accessed by a mobile:

Test Everything

If you want to be certain that your website performs well for mobile, then you need to carry out mobile testing, not only by visiting your own website to see if everything works but also by using mobile testing software, which you can find out more about by clicking contact us. Not only do you need to ensure that your website looks good and is easy to navigate via mobile, but you must check that any software, such as live chat programs) work too, which is where testing software comes in.

As well as the above, you should also carry out  A/B split testing using two variations of your website to see which one is the best. You can keep doing this every time you make a change to determine whether it’s a change worth keeping or not.

Keep Things Short and Sweet

When you’re reading on a mobile device, the last thing you want is to have to spend ages scrolling through a mountain of text – what you want is short, simple sentences that get to the point, and an easy, intuitive navigation path. So, if your content is long and tough to read, consider refreshing it now.

Boost Its Speed

Mobile users want, and quite often need, to access information quickly on the go, which means if your mobile site is slow and clunky, they probably won’t stick around. You can test the speed of your mobile website by clicking on Google PageSpeed Insights now. That site will also tell you exactly what you need to do to boost your site’s speed.

Start Using Mobile Analytics

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Tracking your visitor stats is vitally important to successfully running your online business, which is why you should adopt mobile analytics, wh8ich allow you to track customers who come to your website from any device so that you can do more to keep them onboard as a customer for many years to come.

Implement One-Click Checkouts

The easier you make it for customers to buy things via mobile, the more likely you are to convert them, which is why you should look into one-click checkouts by clicking contact us now. It really could make a huge difference to your conversion numbers.

Make Use of Browser Caching

Browser caching is a way of temporarily storing your web pages online to cut down on the amount of bandwidth your site uses. It also has the added advantage of speeding your website up and cutting down on those instances where visitors are presented with a blank page that just won’t load.

Optimizing your mobile site might take time, and require a few investments, but it should pay off in spades, as the numbers of people accessing the internet on mobile devices continues to grow.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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