Online Murders: What Kills A Website?

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There are over one billion websites online today, but the sad truth is that hardly any of them are actually visited. It’s weird to think about this, but there are many sites that are nearly completely dead. They exist online without a single visiter through the year. Now in some cases, these sites have always been dead including some failed WordPress sites that people have simply forgotten about over the years. But in others, the sites were once active and alive with thousands of visitors every week. That’s why it’s interesting to ponder what kills a website stone dead. Are you making the mistake that could take one day doom your business page to oblivion online? Let’s find out.

No Interaction

You might think that it’s enough to just set up a website that people can visit and view, but of course, it isn’t. You can’t just leave them with this, you have to interact and connect with them, and that’s where social media come into the mix. Most business owners these days us a social media agency to make sure that they constantly connecting and interacting with their followers online through various networks. This includes adding fresh content on a regular basis. This is important for two reasons. First, it improves SEO which is obviously crucial for keeping people coming back to your site and second, it builds a relationship with users. This means that previous users will return to your site for more or even bookmark it.

You can try and manage social media by yourself, but it’s not like using it for your personal life. There has to be a constant social presence or people will forget and your site will fade into the abyss online.


We’ve talked about black hat SEO in the past, but you have to remember that ten years ago this wasn’t as damaging. For starters, the tech wasn’t there to discover it and punish it. Today it is. Today, in hours of pushing your website with SEO fluff, you can be targeted by Google and knocked down to the bottom of the list of pages. Some business sites do get away with publishing content purely for SEO purposes, but it’s a risky game and one that you want to avoid. Instead, if you are creating site content, you need to make sure that it does benefit the user reading it.


Finally, you need to make sure that your business does not get wrapped up in a scandal. The greatest danger today is a security failure. If you fail to protect the interests of your customers and in particular their personal details, you can’t expect them to keep visiting your site. What you can and should expect is that they quickly leave your site and never return. Security failures aren’t the only scandal to watch out for of course, and you should be wary of anything that could damage your business brand including providing inferior products or services on the market.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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