TweetAdder Review

TweetAdder Review

So I recently discovered a program called TweetAdder that allows you to automatically follow others on Twitter! In this TweetAdder review I will go over how this program works and how it can benefit you for targeting traffic for your business or personal use.

*UPDATE 11/20 I have created a video where I show you how I use TweetAdder

My TweetAdder Review – How does it work?

Once you have registered your license key you can setup each Twitter profile, once you have added at least one user you can now setup your search terms, follow settings, thank you message, RSS Feeds for each specific user.

Tweet Search:

I happen to run a music video website called Metalcore Kingdom for a specific genre of metal music called Metalcore. I created a brand new profile for promoting Metalcore Kingdom about two weeks ago. I wanted to setup some example search queries for common bands or music genre’s that are similar to this type of music.

In my example below I setup an automatic search for metalcore, post-hardcore, deathcore as well as some popular metalcore bands. I am now able to automatically follow a set number of users every day. When someone sees that I follow them they also receive an e-mail they are being followed. Of about 1300 follows I have as of today’s date received about 300 followers back in just two weeks!

Just to give some idea of how powerful TweetAdder is, I have been running Metalcore Kingdom since April 2012. My site has received 4500 unique visitors and has a giant “Facebook Like” area on the right pane of the home page. I have received a total of 90 Facebook Likes in 7 months (I have not promoted it in anyway beyond just getting visitors to my home page). Just running TweetAdder for two weeks I have gained over 300 Twitter followers! If I run this program for several months I will have not only hundreds but thousands of followers! The best part is I’m also targeting these followers in a specific niche, I am attracting new people to my website hence creating an awesome way of getting targeted traffic.

Here are my settings for each follow option (Click on each photo to see a larger photo):

Follow Settings:

Follow Back:

UnFollow Settings:


You can also add a preloaded list of tweets that can be randomly tweeted at different intervals. I use a large list of over 25,000 quotes, this is an easy way to keep interaction going with users on complete auto-pilot. If you decide to purchase Tweetadder through my affiliate link I will share this list with you! You can contact me once you have done this.

RSS Feeds:

I have an RSS feed for my website Metalcore Kingdom that automatically posts to Facebook for each new music video I post. I can also have these posts get tweeted automatically with TweetAdder just by adding my RSS feed, this is a great feature for blogs.

Thank You Messages:

You can setup an automatic Tweet response once a new user follows you, this is perfect for getting traffic to your website. I simply have a basic tweet that says something like “Thx for adding me, checkout my website

My TweetAdder Review – TweetAdder Costs

You can essentially add a set number of Twitter accounts depending on what license you purchased. Currently you can purchase 4 different license types:

1 Twitter Profile $55

5 Twitter Profiles $74

10 Twitter Profiles $110

Unlimited Twitter Profiles $188

I personally decided to buy the license that includes 5 profiles, I don’t see myself doing much more than that. The price was also convenient for me so this was a big plus for me. Looking for a discount code to save 20%?

You can use the discount code JR20 when you purchase TweetAdder.

Well I hope you found my TweetAdder Review to be useful, please feel free to comment, Tweet, Like and +1 this post!

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7 replies on “TweetAdder Review”

John, thanks for providing this more detailed review on TweetAdder. I may add it to my current marketing tool-set. Will that discount code expire in the near future?

Hey John How do you decide on the keywords? I wish you had a video of this? A step by step very short video would be awesome!

Hey John, I just got your follow notification on Tweeter, which lead me to your page which lead me to learning about TweetAdder (thanks for sharing this!) which lead me to Buffer this blog posting to my followers. Gotta love it! Oh, and I almost forget, I followed you back. Look forward to your future finds.

@Chris Agro No problem Chris! Hope it was useful, I am planning to post up a lot more content soon so don’t forget to subscribe. If you decide to purchase Tweetadder I’d appreciate it if you used my link! Thanks

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