Modern Marketing & Your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing is big business, and most of the companies in the industry get their business via word of mouth from their already loyal customer base. While these are great ways to ramp up the revenue stream, too many companies are overlooking the importance of online marketing. Manufacturing companies are generally those that have been around for a while; factories that are family run are often those that don’t get with the times fast enough! Thankfully, more and more companies that are popping up today are finally joining the modern world and are prioritising their marketing plans to include online marketing.

Attracting new customers and driving sales is so important for any company, but for manufacturing it is crucial to be able to keep production going. The exciting thing about online marketing strategies is that they WORK. Promoting products and services in an online environment can change the way that your manufacturing business is run, as well as attract new business and prospects from other areas. Social media is a massive way to bring in new business and marketing teams in every company are leveraging content online to drive sales and bring in new profit. To bring in new customers and retain them, your manufacturing business has to get with the programme and modernise their methods. You could be using traditional marketing methods and find them very effective, but imagine how far your reach could be if you just took a step into the digital world? Those traditional, word of mouth methods may be working for you right now, but with every company in the industry moving online, you cannot afford to miss out on the action. So, what modern methods could your business use to market their services more effectively?

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Enhance Your Reputation. Marketing has to be effective and you want your customers and potential customers to see you as a leader in the industry as a whole. You could do this by hosting webinars to advertise what you do and run a blog that gives your future revenue stream an insight into your business. You could even advertise the fact that you’re attending industry events to drum up interest in your presence there. Your company has to bring amazing ideas and innovation to the table so that customers can see that you mean business.

Get Your Keywords On. You’re getting online and joining in with digital marketing, which means that you need to get yourself well versed on keywords with SEO and PPC adverts. As a manufacturer, your company would benefit from a sit-down meeting with your marketing team to determine where you can reach your customers. Specific regions and locations can be targeted via web pages and you can use tools like this to drive your traffic to your site with the idea that these could turn into sales. This way, when a possible customer is trying to request a quote for packaging in your location, your company will be first on the list. Be specific here, because people will type in exact locations to find what they need so you need to make sure that this is covered with your marketing team.

Hot Content. Your marketing team should be on this already, but you need the meatiest, strongest content possible to cleverly market and sell your business to those looking for manufacturers. You need to be able to enhance your position as a leader in the industry and you can do this with excellent content. The trick to remember is that a steady stream of great content is going to do wonders for your company. People want to read compelling information about you and they want your company to have a personality. Content gives you this personality and the stronger it is, the better your company will be. Your content should be sharp, witty and demonstrate that you know what your customers will want.

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Branding. One thing that your company should work hard to do is humanize your brand. You need to show people that they are valued, engaged and can have a conversation with a person and not a set of automated voices on the end of the telephone. Connecting with your customers in your marketing is going to set you apart from other manufacturers and it’s going to make a massive difference to the way that customers see you. There are enough cold and distanced companies trying to be too corporate and while being professional is a must, it isn’t going to help your image if you aren’t going to be warm enough for people to want to approach you. Manufacturing is easily a difficult industry to exude warmth, so you have to make your company more approachable and you can do that with your branding. Share photos of the company board and the leaders on the website with a little blurb about each person. Let people put a face to the name that they hear on the phone. It’s these little things that make your company more personable.

Loyalty. The last thing that you need to do to modernize the way that you market your manufacturing company is show your loyalty to your existing clients. Online marketing to gain new customers is great, but if you’re not putting in the effort to keep those customers going, you’re going to have a lot of individual sales and nothing concrete to rely on. You need to think about how you can use your online marketing for customer retention, and you can do this by creating offers that you e-shot out to your customers. This could include discounts, end of year gifts and even resources that they can use to achieve their own goals.

Your business needs to enter into the digital world if you want to keep it going. Don’t be afraid to indulge in a little change; there’s nothing quite like hitting those business plan goals that you set for yourself. Manufacturing doesn’t have to be cold and behind the times, so don’t let your company fail.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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