Marketing Tactics For Law Firms – An Open And Shut Case?

Marketing, while often lumped together as a homogeneous field can, in fact, get quite specialized depending on the thing that you are trying to draw attention to. For example, a charity may approach its marking policy very differently to a commercial business.

In particular, one field that needs a specialized marketing approach is that of law. But is it better to stick to a few tried and true methods in this field, or diversify and use all the tactics at your disposal? Read on to find out.

The traditional approach

The traditional approach for law firms in marketing is fairly low key. It consists of paper listing in telephone directories, print media and a basic website with contact information.

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While this may seem pretty low-tech in today’s high-speed society, for many law firms it may be enough, especially if they are in an area that has a low population or little competition. As let’s face it, anyone needing their services is something of a captive market, if you will excuse the pun!

Very traditional and stuffy law firms can even see this way of doing things as preferable because anything more could be seen to be devaluing the reputation of the firm. Behind this is the inflexible idea that good law firms don’t need to tout for business as it is beneath them.

The multifaceted approach

However, the approach above is an old fashioned one. As many firms are now realizing the advantages of being able to attract more clients, and get their name out there. Especially in a flooded market.

To do this, they are choosing a more modern and multifaceted approach combining the traditional methods with cutting edge marketing techniques such as full-scale ad campaigns and interactive websites that are optimized for search engine results.

Of course, these sites aren’t something that the office junior can knock up in their spare time. They are not even a side project for a partner that has a little too much time on their hands.

That is because, like anything to do with IT, it really pays to get someone that is professionally experienced web design for law firms. As not only do they know exactly the information that you potential clients will be looking for. But they will also know which keywords and search terms to include to help your firm get further up in the search engine rankings.

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Remember most people will click the first 1- 3 results that come up in a web search only. So you need to make sure that is where your firm’s name is going to rank to get the best chance of business. 

Having said that, using a multifaceted approach that integrates, IT may be tough for some of the old guard to accept.

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But if it’s toss up between getting them to take a pic for the website and write a quick bio and losing out on a precious custom; I know which one I’d rather choose. In fact, to me, it seems like an open and shut case.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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