Marketing Event Ideas

If you’re planning on holding a marketing event for current and potential clients, it’s important to get it right. If your event is memorable, people are more likely to use your business when they have need of it. So, how do you make an impression that will last long enough to stay in people’s minds? What does your event need to have in order to grasp the attention of potential new clients?



A Press Release and Landing Page

In laymen’s terms you need to shout about it from the rooftops. You need to advertise your marketing event way in advance to ensure as many attendees as possible. If people who read the press release want to learn more about the event, there needs to be a landing page on your website that can give them additional details. Even if you haven’t ironed out all the details when the press release goes out, something is better than nothing. You can drip feed additional details as they come in.

Use Social Media

If you have an idea of the people who will be in attendance at this event, you can use social media to make them more interested. For example, you can get people involved by asking them to vote on a particular aspect of the event. Maybe it would be a vote on whether there should be a presentation about a new product.



Force Them to Remember You

When it comes to the event, get as much personalized as possible. From personalized pens to custom napkins as they’re eating. When they take these things away with them, they’ll always see your company logo or details. You’ll be surprised by how many people keep pens that are given to them in their pockets or bags. Every time they need to sign something, they’re using your pen.

Get People Excited

Why should anyone attend your event? What’s in it for them? Perhaps you’ll be offering free food and drink at the venue. Maybe you’ll be giving an exciting speech or revealing an innovative product that’s never been seen before. Different ways of advertising will hook different people so it’s important to use every platform and offer as much as you can to get people interested. However, never make promises you can’t keep. If people turn up to your event and realise they’ve been misinformed, they’ll walk straight back out of the door.

Know What You Want to Achieve

There’s no point in planning a marketing event if you don’t know what you want from it. Have some clear goals in mind and it will be easier to target them and achieve them. Speak to the event attendees and personalise their requirements. How can your company give them what they need? Your aim should be to fix the problem that they have. If they don’t need you right now, they may in the future. Make sure you take details, like an e-mail address, so you can keep them informed of future promotions or new products

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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