Marketing For More Controversial Businesses: The Essential Guide

Sometimes getting enough people to get behind your brand and buy your product can be a challenge. Especially if what you are selling is something more controversial, such as adult toys, gambling, weapons, and even medical marijuana. After all, even though these things are legal, not everyone has a positive view of them. Don’t panic, though, because there are some strategies that you can use to get the balance of your marketing just right. A topic, you can find out more on below.

Do embrace digital marketing.

One tactic that you can use to promote more controversial business is online marketing. This is because it’s much easier to identify and target specific demographics, meaning that your valuable marketing dollars aren’t going to waste.

In fact, when it comes to advertising your dispensary, or any other controversial business, doing so online can save you significant amounts of money. The reason being that online PPC and SEM can work out much cheaper when you are looking to target a demographic that is geographically diverse. Something that is common in the medical marijuana industry, as well as plenty of other more taboo businesses, like adult toys, and even weapons.

Don’t rely on the shock factor.

It may seem like the simplest solution to let the shock factor of your product speak for itself, and there certainly have been cases where this is done have got people noticed. However, it can be a terrible move to rely on this as the cornerstone of your marketing campaign for several reasons.


Shock value isn’t always the best route.

The first is that shock has a limited shelf life. In fact, with the media-savvy audience, we have today, it can be increasingly hard to make an impact through shock.

Secondly, shock will only work if you play on the controversy of your product, something that is bound to make you as many detractors as supporters. Yes, I know that they say ‘there is no such things as bad press,’ but too much controversy can definitely hurt your revenue. Therefore it’s best to stay away from this tactic wherever possible.

Do show that you are a responsible provider.

Next, if you want to create a positive buzz around your business, it best to demonstrate that you are a responsible provider in whatever way you can. In fact, doing so will reinforce your customers trust for you.

One way of doing this is to add an age barrier to your site, making those that are under 18 or 21 respectively cannot use it. Additionally, promoting safe usage of your service or product can go a long way to convince customers that have doubts as well.

In fact, this is something that can be done across of range of platforms and businesses. For example, gambling services can run responsibility adverts and provide access to advise lines for those that don’t feel in control. While adult toy manufacturers can promote safe sex, and medical marijuana dispensaries can ensure they have stringent prescription and age checks in place before they dispense any product. All of which will clearly demonstrate responsibility, and so can act as a significant boost to marketing.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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