Marketing Your Blog For Growth

It seems like everyone is online nowadays. It is where your customers will be if you are blogging for business, and where your readers will keep coming back to if you blog as a hobby or as a full-time blogger. So in order to get seen in a saturated market, then you need to know the best things to be doing to market your blog. Everyone has a voice and has something to say. But whether you make money from it or not, will be up to you.

Optimize Your Content

If you want to be found by search engines, then you need to be able to be found by search engines. And it is unlikely that it will happen without you trying to do anything. A few tweaks along the way can speed up just how well a search engine will find your content. There are plenty of plugins that will help you to optimize your content, from helping to check your titles are in line with what you’re talking about, to linking to other credible sites or using alternate tags with your images. Keep content fresh, and as long as possible, to really get found online.


Use Other Platforms

In order to reach a different audience or to get your current readership to interact in a different way, then it can be a good idea to look for other ways to interact with them. It could be something still relating to your blog, but just in a different way. If you’re a food blogger, for example, it could be worth looking at how to write apps for Android and iOS, for example. Then you could create an app as a way to share exclusive recipes and content with them. You could write a book that goes along your blog or create an online course. When these things are there and online, it will be a good way to keep your loyal readers, and get new readers that will keep coming back.

Build Email List

If all of your followers are currently only on social media, then what happens if like Facebook, the algorithms start changing and people aren’t seeing your content? Or if they are only blog subscribers and then your site goes down? Creating an email list is a great way of keeping your followers and the people that are interested in what you do. It helps you to work with brands in this way, if you can show you have a set number of people that receive your emails, for example. So look for ways to grow your list, by offering them something like a discount or exclusive content.

Use Social Media

While we don’t know how long social media will keep its popularity, it is a good idea to be on there, whether you blog for a business or for a hobby. You can make shareable content, as well as engage with followers and interact. You can meet like-minded bloggers and even collaborate together to help both of your sites to grow.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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