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When you run a small business, it’s highly likely that branding is going to play a major role in your success. But what is branding and how can you effectively implement it into your business campaigns? Here’s a brief explanation and a few ways to establish your brand well!

What is Branding?

Branding is the process of giving your company a distinct presence in the market. Branding can entail coming up with a brand name, a style, and a general aesthetic that helps consumers distinguish your products from someone else’s.

Promotional Campaigns

Once you’ve got your branding in order, it’s time to get your brand name out there. One simple and cost effective way to do this is to undertake a promotional campaign. 

members of promotional staff distribute these items on your behalf, or you could put some free. Use agencies to find promotional staff who specialise in distributing branded material for your company. This may seem nonsensical – giving things out for free – but you place your brand in a customer’s day to day life by doing so. You could also take the time to put branded materials into the parcels of customers who have already ordered from you. They’ll be happy their order has arrived but even happier that there’s an unexpected free gift inside. Plus, you get the same benefits of your customer using and carrying around something with your branding on – imprinting on their mind and others’ minds. 

Choosing Your Branded Material

When choosing items to give out, you should choose practical items that customers will actually get some use out of. The more use they get out of the item, the more present your brand will be in their day to day life. Pins are a good place to start. If you can create pins with The Pin Factory, you can encourage customers to pin them to their clothes. They’ll see it every time they put on the jacket they’ve pinned it too. Car air fresheners are another good idea. People who receive one will see your brand name every time they get in their car, which could be multiple times a day. A final great choice is a branded pen. People use pens a lot, but pens also get passed around a lot. A branded pen can be used and notice by tens of people before it runs out of ink.

Branded Uniforms

If you have a brick and mortar store, you may want to consider giving your staff branded uniforms to wear. People will begin to see your branding as soon as they engage with a member of staff in your store. This will help to truly brand everyone and everything within the space. As long as your staff are good, your brand name will become synonymous with good customer service, which can help drive sales in-store as well as online.

As you can see, branding is extremely important when it comes to standing out from the crowd in an increasingly saturated marketplace. So place a lot of importance and emphasis on it!

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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