How To Make Your Website More Appealing To Visitors

If your business relies on people visiting your webpage to make money (an online store for example), then a website that performs poorly could be your downfall. To make sure that you attract visitors and retain them long enough to engage with your business or purchase from it, here are some great ideas to make your website more appealing to visitors.

Make it stand out

Your business’ website should be representative of your brand and values, but it also needs to make a good impression. Making your website eye-catching, with a great design and some sophisticated content will hook visitors in and encourage them to browse for longer. You only have eight seconds to grab someone’s attention online, so you need to make those opening seconds count. Hire a web designer who’s experienced in the latest design trends to make sure you get the best website possible for your business.

Improve your SEO

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This is less about how your website looks from a visual perspective, but how it becomes visible to potential visitors through a search engine. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important feature for websites to make sure they become visible to browsers easily when they search for products and services online, and you can get affordable SEO services from experts who can make sure your copy looks and reads great to attract visitors to your website.

Make it accessible

A clunky, poorly mapped website is a turn-off for visitors. Not only does it make it difficult to find the things that they are searching for but if the content doesn’t look right across whatever platform they’re using to access it, they’re going to go elsewhere immediately. Make sure you use HTML5 or equivalent coding to make sure that your website is accessible, that menu items are visible and conveniently located, and that it looks good on whatever device it’s being accessed by. This means making sure it’s appealing to those browsing on a laptop, a mobile phone and a tablet.

Eliminate unnecessary content

Clever copy is a skill that many people get wrong, and writing copy nobody wants to read is a waste of time and resources. Everything that goes onto your website should be there because it has to be there, not because you’re looking to fill up space. Cut down on content that is long-winded and wordy and focus on getting your point across as simply and concisely as possible. It’s worth re-evaluating all of your website’s copy to make sure that it is all of a good standard and relevant to your business. If it’s no longer relevant or doesn’t have a purpose – it should be removed to make way for more engaging and useful content.

Your website could be a major key to your business’ success, and for small business’ in particular, driving traffic to your website is important. Take steps to improve your website’s offering and to get the visitors you need to stand the best chance of converting them into customers.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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