How to Make a Boring Product Awesome

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There are lots of boring products in the world today. Since not everything can be at the cutting edge of technology, you have to have those practical things that get us through day to day life without too much of a fuss. These are the products that we hardly think about but use all the time and would be lost without: toothbrushes, light bulbs, washing up liquid – you know this stuff.

So what if you have made an awesome new contribution to one of these mundane markets? How are you supposed to shine in a sea of dull, dull, dull? Well, it’s all about having a little bit more imagination and thinking beyond what the product is to come up with some branding that packs a punch.

Pinpoint What Makes Your Product Great

Your unique selling proposition is essentially the thing that means that your product is not just another one of its kind. To figure out your USP, you will need to see where there is a gap in the market and then figure out a creative way to help your product fit in that niche. One of the first things you should know is that nothing is truly unique, so if it has to be compared to something else, making sure that the comparison is favorable to your brand.

The best USPs also come with a target market attached. The more refined your target market is, the easier it will be to create something that stands out because it will speak to a particular person or tribe. More often than not, this is a good thing in a highly competitive business market because the big brands are already appealing to the masses.

Make Your Product Look Different to Competitor Brands

If you want a product to be noticed, it has to be noticeable. This quite literally means that you need your product to catch the consumer’s eye as they stroll past it, probably looking for the competitor brand they have been loyal to for some time. Your main goal is to divert the consumer’s attention from what they normally buy and towards your product instead.

One of the simplest and most practical ways to achieve this is the packing you supply with your product. Given the number of product labelling services there are, you can now go wild with your choices of colors, shapes and sizes so do exactly the thing you think will look best on the shelf. However, do remember that you will still need to look like you fit into the right market so while a bright green spaceship packet might stand out, it will look off-puttingly weird in the cheese department.

Create Social Stories to Market Your Product

Finally, as most people will already know broadly what your product does, you will need to highlight the differences in order to stand out. Some of the best marketing techniques are to show people how a new product will fit in with their lifestyle much better and solve a problem they didn’t realise they had.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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