How To Keep Brand Excitement Up In Your Office


You need to keep clients excited about your brand. This is a given. No halfhearted customer is going to want to purchase your goods unless you are the only brand around for a needed item. Ideally, you want people to come to you specifically for what you offer, not simply out of convenience. The convenient purchases rarely come back unless they are trapped with you and you only in their living area.

If keeping up brand excitement is important for your customers, it will certainly be important for your employees. This is because they are the ones having to promote and keep your business effective. If an employee dislikes the company they work for, they’ll put forth minimal effort to keep hold of their salary. They are unlikely to go the extra mile for a support request. They might not be as punctual as they once were.

Keeping up brand excitement in your office is essential. Here’s how:


Brand your business well. When your team has a cohesive banner they can get behind, it makes the team feel more like a unit and not a collection of disparate people. You needn’t apply uniforms in an office, just smart casual requirements, or more formal depending on the nature of your work. Branding can come in little ways, like the mugs placed on your desk, the desktop background of the computer setup each staff member is afforded, or by buying personalized flash drives in bulk and handing them out to your employees. Ensure your branding is competent, professional, looks ‘cool,’ and directly communicates what your brand is and how it operates.


A custom mural at the front of each office room can help celebrate your story so far. It might start with humble beginnings, and then become slowly added to over time. It might depict your story, large events, some of your staff members and the identity of your firm, and this should put a smile on the face of everyone who walks into the room. Allow staff input. That helps everyone to feel like they have contributed, even if you put the options to a poll and only implement the most popular options.


Celebrate in your office. Celebrate your staff, your direction, achievements and the good you have done. Throw an office party, or have them head for a departmental restaurant visit paid for by the company. Celebrate people with awards and bring them together for good work done. Give bonuses at the end of the year, or distribute gift cards to show your staff you appreciate them. This celebratory feeling allows staff to feel part of a family. It’s a cliche you might hear from office to office, but it is absolutely true in how it works. This isn’t some psychological trick. It has a real grounding in how people view your office and how they would like to interact with it. Positivity is always beneficial, so be sure to take note and implement it to the best of your ability.

With these tips, keeping up brand excitement in the office is sure to be nothing more than effective.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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