All The Ingredients You Need To Run A Kick-Ass Restaurant


Believing in your new restaurant and actually getting bottoms on seats are two very different things. It takes exceptional food, a great atmosphere, outstanding service and effective marketing to get repeat visitors. And repeat visitors also spread the word. But you need all of these ingredients to ensure you run a kick ass restaurant that people are desperate to return to time after time. Many people who walk past a restaurant, are put off going in if it’s not busy and thriving. The same can be said for bad reviews, ineffective social media presence and boring menus and snooty staff. So let’s take a look at all the ingredients you need to create the perfect blend.

A Great Concept And Location

Restaurants are a dime a dozen, and you are never going to stand out unless you have a great concept. The same goes for a great location. No one wants to eat overlooking a dumpster or in the quietest part of time. You need to create a restaurant that is atmospheric, easily accessible and delivers what people want. So before you even begin, research your local community to see what your competition is and what type of dining experience people are looking for. Is it a sizzling steakhouse or an incredible sushi bar? Is it a casual BYO or a plush upscale establishment that includes a stellar tasting menu? Think carefully about your location, price point, and design. And make sure they are all enticing and appetizing to your potential customers.

Exceptional Staff And A Remarkable Chef

No restaurant is going to be successful unless you have exceptional staff and a remarkable chef. Chefs are known to be notoriously hard to work with. But you are going to have to create a solid partnership with your chef if you want your restaurant to thrive. Choose someone with great credentials, a solid work ethos and someone who has innovative and bright ideas. The same goes for your staff. Most people who dine out go for the full experience, not just the food. Make sure your staff are energetic, friendly and know your menus inside out.

A Swish Website And Social Media

There is a lot of competition in the restaurant industry. To be up there with the best you will need to have an online presence. It is essential to design a swish website that exudes the ethos behind your brand. Over half of all customers search for their restaurant choice online. So you need to invest in SEO to get you higher up the search rankings on Google. Also, do not underestimate the power of social media. These platforms will increase awareness, build your brand and create a community of loyal customers. Social media also enables your restaurant to be put out there in front of thousands of new potential customers. It’s great for both tourists and locals. If you haven’t the time to take on your own social media you can use expert agencies such as The Social Savior. Such media agencies will give you a powerful online presence and will look after all your platforms for you.

Don’t Buy Cheap And Have A Contingency Fund

If you want to run a successful restaurant, never cut corners when t comes to great produce. Always buy the best in terms of food, because customers aren’t stupid! The same goes for having a contingency fund. In the first year, there will always be extra costs incurred, especially if you become busy than you had anticipated, And you certainly don’t want to sink before you swim.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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