How Video Marketing Is So Effective And Why You Should Use It

If you’re trying to attract lots and lots of people to your product or service, you need to have a ready-made marketing strategy up your sleeve. You might strike it lucky one day by doing little-to-no work, but usually, you’ll have to create a big campaign. Marketing is all about bringing heaps of attention to your work – if you can’t grab that, then your hard work over the past few months (and maybe even years) may have been wasted!

There are all kinds of marketing strategies that you could go with in order to promote yourself, but something that works for almost any business is video marketing. Pretty much every company, from the very best to those just starting out, use video content to promote themselves. If you haven’t noticed it by now, you probably will do from now on. Videos are absolutely everywhere: social media, websites, and, of course, TVs. It’s such an effective way of getting your message across. Want to know how and why this stuff is so good? Well, read on, and you’ll find out!

It’s Easy For People To Digest 

Watching a video is such an easy thing to do. You’ve done it heaps of times – heck, you’ve probably done it dozens of times today alone. We like watching videos because the information literally gets thrust into our brains, and we didn’t even have to do anything. All we did we sit still and enjoy a big bag of popcorn! When somebody has to read, it means they have to actually engage certain parts of their brain, and that takes a lot more effort! It’s not a shock that most people prefer TV and movies to novels! People are lazy and pretty spoiled now, huh?

It Will Help You Win On Social Media

If you’re on social media (which you probably should be if you’re looking to market yourself online!), then you’re going to want to impress people pretty quickly. The best way of doing that is by creating simple and snappy stuff. Videos are pretty simple for people to get on board with, as we’ve just discussed! When someone scrolls through social media, they’re going to want to see something fun or interesting without having to put in any effort. Videos will do just that. Social media videos are also pretty easy to open and shut, and that’s just another in terms of pleasing the lazy, spoiled human of today! 

People Will Be Wooed By Videos

Videos are probably the best way of evoking emotions in people. If you want to tug on the heartstrings of potentially loyal customers, then an emotional video can do the trick. If you want to make someone laugh, then visual stimulation is the easiest way. If you want to motivate someone into buying your product, then actively showing them via a video link would do a much better job than anything else. If you want to engage peoples’ emotions, then talking to them directly as though you’re right there with them will work wonders. 

You’ll Show A More Personal Side

When you’re simply communicating with your words and images, you’re not really showing what you’re all about. You are basically behaving like every other business in a conveyor belt system of businesses. You need to be able to stand out; you need to be able to show people how you’re different. If you want to get people on your side, then you’ll want to make people trust you. Video content can let people into your world. You can put your cards on the table for everyone to see. 

It’s Not Too Difficult To Create 

Videos can be pretty difficult to conjure up if you’re looking to make an Oscar-worthy drama. If you’re hoping to create an informative and genuine video for customers, clients, and other stakeholders, then you’re in luck, it’s pretty simple. Think of the videos you’ve watched this week: how many of them have been amazing and flawless pieces of cinema? Hardly any of them, right? The majority are pretty basic. They’re basic but effective. 

If you do want a great marketing video with a lot of work and depth placed into it, then you can find companies such as to take the helm and create something above average. They’ll be able to apply little marketing methods by tapping into their know-how from years of experience.

They’re Great For SEO 

Video content makes for a happy website. It makes your website so much stronger and ranks your website much higher in search engines. All websites need to have great content in order to boost their SEO rating, and videos are some of the best forms. Not only are the technical points pleased by videos, but people who watch the videos are literally going to be sitting pretty on your webpage(s) for a while – they could be chilling on your website for up to half an hour!

You’ll Look More Official 

In terms of the way you’re perceived, you’re going to want to be seen in a positive light, obviously! You’re also going to want to have a professional, mature, and assured aura around you. Videos, especially high-quality ones, give you that look of professionalism. You go from being a budding group of amateurs to a calm and collected selection of business people. If you look more professional and mature; people will trust you a lot more, and they’ll keep coming back to you.  

You Can Get Your Entire Message Across Quickly

If you’re looking to do a simple job or telling potential customers what you have to offer, then there aren’t many speedier ways than videos. You’re basically just talking to another person through a screen, after all! A picture or a piece of text might take somebody quite a while; if you’re literally explaining it to someone, then they’re going to pick it up much quicker!

You Can Get Some Extra Money From Ads!

This is just an added bonus, but it’s a pretty good bonus! With videos, you have the opportunity to advertise other things and receive a bonus from it. You create a video that’s sponsored by a certain product, or you could simply create content on YouTube and receive money from them!

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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