How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business Effectively

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Every marketer knows social media is a powerful tool in helping to increase brand awareness, promote products, and encourage brand loyalty. But, the question is, are you using social media to its full potential? Social media is not only an excellent way to build your brand’s profile on a global level, but it is also a cost-effective way of doing it, which is especially crucial if your marketing budget is limited.

Instagram is among the most popular of all the social media platforms. Statistics show an Instagram ad can reach up to 1.16 billion people. The power of Instagram influencers is widely spoken about, demonstrating how effective marketing products through Instagram can be; while you may not feel ready to start engaging with influencers right now, this may be something you consider in the future. Right now, you may find it beneficial to focus your efforts on getting your business on Instagram and making sure your target market knows all about it.

While Instagram offers massive potential for businesses, getting started with marketing on this popular platform can seem a little intimidating. Here are some tips to help make Instagram work as an effective marketing tool for your business:

Set Your Account Up Correctly

If you don’t have a business Instagram at the moment, you may be posting about your products on your personal Instagram. It is best to set up a specific business page, as this will allow you to access all of the features of a business account. With an Instagram business account, you will be able to create ads if you choose to, and also set up a shop to enable followers to browse your products and make a purchase. So setting up a separate Instagram business account is well worth the effort if you want to maximize the marketing opportunities provided by Instagram.

Create Visual Impact

As with all marketing efforts, you need to focus on creating quality content. Making sure your content is tailored to appeal to your target market and representing your brand effectively is essential to making your Instagram marketing efforts a success. Filling your account with images that showcase your products and your brand perfectly is vital to making sure they appeal and that your followers become customers. As Instagram is such a visually focused form of social media, your images must reflect this. Making your account look attractive and ensuring your product images are high quality is key to Instagram success.

Adding informative captions to your post and ensuring they reflect your brand’s personality is another excellent way to increase engagement and encourage interest in your products.

Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is crucial to building your brand successfully on Instagram. Responding to comments is an excellent opportunity to build a relationship with your customers and potential customers and make them more likely to develop brand loyalty. 

If your business is tagged in posts by other users, such as people using your products, this is a really useful way for you to get your brand noticed. Re-sharing these images provides a valuable source of content for you to post and helps bring your brand to life. Most users that tag you and your products on their posts love to see you have re-shared their original post, which helps to drive further engagement from them. 

While interaction is essential for growing awareness of your business, unfortunately, you may find you receive unhelpful or unpleasant comments on your Instagram account. You may want to look into what happens when you block someone on instagram and think about doing this if the problem persists. Removing people who post unwarranted comments on your Instagram can help ensure it remains a positive space for your business and your followers.

Monitor Your Stats

When investing your time and energy into building the perfect Instagram feed, you need to know your efforts are working. Social media can be incredibly time-consuming, and engaging with your followers can take up a chunk of your schedule every day. To ensure that your Instagram marketing efforts are not leaving other areas of your business neglected, it is helpful to set aside a set amount of time per day to focus on Instagram and respond to comments. Each week, it is beneficial to check your stats to gain insights into how successful your Instagram efforts have been. This will enable you to refine your approach and make any changes needed to gain maximum benefit from this helpful marketing tool. 

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