How To Take Offline Marketing And Bring It Online


“Hang on a minute – why on earth would I want to do that?!”

On the face of it, converting an offline plan into an online one seems counterproductive. What’s the point in having an offline strategy in the first place? Anyway, is it wrong to commit to a digital presence without thinking about the audience as a whole? The answer to the last question is an emphatic yes.

Still, connecting both plans doesn’t mean one is going to become obsolete. In fact, the offline strategy should blend perfectly with your digital presence if you get it right. Here are the tricks to help find the perfect balance.

Connect To Mobile

Everyone is aware of email and instant messaging services because they are efficient ways to communicate. Nowadays, there is no reason to wait for an excruciatingly slow fax machine to send one document. Simply do it over the cyber-ether at the click of a button. Of course, faxes are by no means obsolete. Should you need to sign and send back, then fax is a fantastic option. By combining modern technology and old-school appliances, you get FaxBurner. This is a service which provides you with a number and allows you to fax straight from a mobile device. It’s two birds with one stone.

Point To Online, And Vice Versa

One of the great things about physical adverts is that they compliment the strategy as a whole. With a business card or a flyer or an ad in the paper, the business is building awareness while pointing them in a certain direction. For example, if the advert contains a URL, it’s telling them to visit the site. Once there, the company can attempt to convert the leads generated by offline marketing methods. The same goes for online, too. On the website, be sure to tell customers about in-store promotions to increase foot traffic through the door.

Use Traffic Software

Online marketing has taken off for many reasons, but a big one is the data aspect. Analyzing adverts is simple and accessible these days thanks to digital tracking software. With Google Analytics or a program of your choosing, you can monitor lead generation, bounce rate, and a variety of factors. Surprisingly, the same is possible for offline marketing also. By adding a link to the advertisement which is specific to the ad, you can gauge how effective it is by tracking the traffic. It’s pretty cool, right?

Data Collection Onsite

Don’t leave it up to the website to collect crucial customer info; do it in-store as well. It’s not difficult. Simply ask the consumer if they already have an account or if they need to create one. Anyone who answers “I don’t have one” can create one on the spot and you can add it to the system. If there is blowback, remind them that it’s necessary because their receipt is going to be delivered via email. Also, do it quick and efficiently and there will be no moaning!

Are you ready to merge online and offline marketing? What methods best suit your business?


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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