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Ever wonder how those famous Instagram users get thousands and millions of followers? It’s because they post quality pictures and follows a certain theme on their Instagram accounts. If you want to be like them too—whether you just wanted to impress your friends or you wanted to promote your product or business, here are some ways that you could do to make your Instagram look cool. After following the tips in this guide you can even consider buying Instagram views to help give your profile a boost.

Try the desaturated and faded shot

To come up with a faded and desaturated photo, take a picture of something that makes you feel some way such as silhouettes, random trees or an old man looking at nowhere. After that, you should start decreasing that saturation but make sure that it doesn’t turn out to be gray-scaled. Once you are done, you can pull off a “mysterious and twisted” photo that everyone will like.

Take photos in a café or restaurant

You must be aware how food selfies are popular nowadays. Find a café with wooden tables, order something that looks delicious and takes a photo of it. In editing your photo, make sure that you adjust the brightness because there are times when the restaurants and café have inconsistent lightings so you should make sure that it stays on the brighter side. You can increase the contrast too if you like and lastly, start sharpening your photos to emphasize small details on your picture.

Post an all-white shot

Look for a white space with the amazing subject then take a photo of it. To increase the exposure, you’ll have to adjust the warmth because there are times that your photos will look yellowish because of the dim lighting. Also, always pick a filter that will make your photo lighter and more delicate.

Colored wall shot

Have your subject stand before a plain-colored wall and shoot. In editing your photo, adjust the warmth to increase the saturation of your image. Focus on one subject only because it will look messy if you have so many subjects and other distracting things.

Urban city pictures

Go out and head to the streets! Take good pictures of the building and other aesthetics—fast moving cars, beggars on the street, family walking together or a girl waiting at the bus stop. In that way, you can represent the city in just one picture. In editing, make sure that you increase the brightness to add more exposure and make sure that everything on your photo is visible, do not make your followers squint their eyes first before figuring out what that thing is.

Nature shots

You can also try taking a picture that represents the mother nature. To do so, visit some national parks or even the woodsy area of your area and take some photos. Make sure that you make your subject pop out just by adding vignette at about 30%. Do not forget to add filters to correct some mistakes.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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