How To Make Hiring Easier

Anyone who has had the pleasure (or displeasure) of having to hire staff will know this: good people are hard to find. You can be as prepared as possible, have the perfect set of questions, have had hundreds of flight-hours doing previous interviews; hiring people is still a drag. Most people will still sigh when thinking of having to go through the process again (and again). Hiring professionals will tell you, reading and selecting resumes takes a lot of time and effort, especially if the position you are hiring for is popular. 

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Conducting interviews is even more intensive, taking up a big chunk of time out of your days, depending on how many people you invite. Then there’s the 2nd interview, the process of agreeing terms, getting the contract set up and then waiting for a new hire to work out their notice period at their current employer before they can join you. Yes, there are plenty of things about the hiring process that will become something to dread, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of solutions out there that can help alleviate parts of the hiring process, so you can spend less time and end up with better candidates.


What people thought to be human work forever, the checking of resumes can now be done by tools driven by AI. Specific tools can now scour to hundreds of applications, filtering out the most eligible candidates in a fraction of the time it would cost a person to do the same thing. This will take away one of the most painstakingly time-intensive tasks of hiring someone.


Organizing the first interview can also now be streamlined by using technology. In most cases, a face-to-face can be done over a video conferencing tool. This will not only cut down the time a candidate has to spend traveling, but it also makes it more flexible as well. With most video conferencing solutions offering excellent video and audio fidelity and highspeed broadband being widely available, there really shouldn’t be any barriers to conducting interviews this way.

Online Services

There are also plenty of services which can further assist you once you think you might have (a) the right candidate(s) after the first interview. You can get people to fill in a professional aptitude and personality test to see if he or she is a good fit and how this candidate could add to the team. You can also use background checking services (such as to make sure there are no red flags. All can be done from the comfort of your office chair.

At one point, you will want to meet your candidate in person, but by this time you will most likely know everything that you need to know about this person. Especially with the heavy lifting being done by smart tools, with the confidence of an aptitude and personality test and a clean sheet from the background check, this last meeting will mostly feel like meeting the new hire. That is if this person will agree to terms.

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