How To Find More Customers


Launching your business is easy. It can be done with the tap of a finger. If you have the idea, you could go for it in a coffee shop this morning and be trading by lunchtime. That is the possibility. The reality is that without marketing you might not attract a single customer. And if running a business is all about attracting customers then your idea had better be jumping up, waving and shouting. Paying customers who engage with you and your business are the core of what you want and need. Finding your way to more of them is the challenge.

Who and where are they?

It’s not as if your clients and customers are out grazing in one part of a field just waiting for you to come along with your good idea. They are out there disguised as discerning consumers with a lot of great ideas vying for their attention and hard earned cash. Still they are out there, and you have to find them. To do that you have to know them. You have to understand them and the things that appeal to them. You have to start to move in their circles and find a way to attract their attention. That means communicating with them using the sort of social media they understand. Share content with them that is relevant and interesting. Develop and polish your branding techniques. Start to build a relationship.


What content?

Be specific with your core content. These are the messages and the information that lie at the heart of what you do. That means adding value, layer upon layer. It means tweaking interest and asking questions. If those questions stimulate debate, then you are succeeding. If people engage with you, it is a sign that it matters to them. This is where blogs, for example, become invaluable. People being people want to connect and share. If you can offer them something that is relevant and interesting they might be persuaded to share and so on. The more visual content you offer, the easier that process will be. Engaging video content is simply the best and most direct way you can attract potential customers. Talk to a professional award winning company such as Suite Spot. They can advise you and help you develop dynamic video content that will help you engage with your customers.

Build on your relationships

Put simply the more you can develop and build your business the more customers you will attract. The best way to grow your customer base is through value and reputation. Business is organic. Like attracts like and energy is a very real part of the process. The more you reach out, the more you can add and build on your core base, the stronger you will become. As your brand grows so will your reputation and your business. People are curious and will want to be part of a brand that they identify as adding value to their life. Keep that curiosity and content alive and growing and you will have a dynamic business that attracts customers.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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