Guerrilla Marketing – Creative Offline Ideas For Business Owners


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Some of us spend so long looking at a computer screen each day that we forget about the marketing opportunities outside our office. But other than leaflets and posters, what are some other ways that we can make an impact outdoors? Sometimes you have to get a little creative to turn heads. This means embracing guerrilla marketing. Here are several examples of ways that you can inventively market your business.

Bumper stickers

Have a company vehicle? Stick a creative bumper sticker to the back and let other drivers know about your services. If you come up with a humorous slogan it’s more likely to stick in people’s heads. Take this plumbing van ad for example.  

Moving adverts

You can go one step further from advertising on your own vehicle. Many forms of public transport display public adverts (for example buses and trams). These moving adverts may expose your business to a whole new market that a stationary ad in one place might not. There’s even this experimental form of outdoor advertising – market your business on a pedicab, a vehicle that already grabs people’s attention.

‘Accidentally’ leave business cards and branded pens

Business cards and branded accessories such as pens and bookmarks shouldn’t just be handed out. You can conveniently leave them wherever you go – creating a sense of mystery might even persuade more people to pick up and ring. Some of the best places to leave these items are waiting rooms (barber’s shops, doctor’s surgeries, dentists) where people are made to wait around and more likely to pick up random leaflets and objects lying around. Libraries can also be a great place (you can even find a book on a topic related to your business and slip a business card or branded bookmark in). With pens, think about places where people might need them such as banks, post offices and reception areas.

Send postcards to clients

After a client has used your services, how do you get them to return? An email might get deleted, in which case they could look for another service next time. Ensure they remember you by personally posting them letter or a postcard. Such a kooky idea might even cause them to share it with their friends, further spreading the reaches of your market.

Enter business awards

Business awards aren’t just for global empires. Many community groups run business awards for local businesses. If you win, you’ll be able to boast about being an award-winning business, which immediately builds trust and confidence from potential clients. Your increased credibility may even allow you to justify putting prices up. Even if you don’t win, you’ll still earn some promotion just from being shortlisted. Other businesses taking part in the award will research into what you do. The award ceremony may even be a great PR opportunity, allowing you to talk to other businesses, which could even lead onto recommendations or cross-promotions. Join business groups to find about such award schemes (even joining a business group can be a great marketing opportunity).


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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