Forming a Marketing Strategy that Speaks to a Millennial Audience

As a small business, marketing is essential. You could have the best product on earth, but if you don’t tell everyone about it, it won’t sell enough to turn your business into a success. But, as important as marketing is, you might find yourself unable to afford to hire an expensive marketing team to help. Instead finding yourself trying to take on this essential task on your own or with your team. Fortunately, the growth of digital marketing means that this is a more realistic prospect than it might have been in the past.

One thing that you’ll hear a lot about when looking into marketing techniques and strategies is appealing to your target market. But, what about when you don’t understand your market? How do you speak to a millennial audience when you know very little about their lifestyle?

Find Them

The first thing that you need to do when trying to appeal to an audience is finding out where they are. Where do they spend their time online and in the real world? Where do they spend their money? What do they read? What are they watching on TV? What do they do with their spare time? This research is essential. It will help you to understand your audience and ensure that you are spending your money on advertising campaigns that will get seen.

Learn from the Best

When it comes to marketing, it’s always a good idea to look at what other people are doing. And, it’s easy. With things like finance, companies hide their reports and results. Marketing can’t be hidden. The campaigns are out there for everyone to see.

So, look at what aviation marketing are doing. Look at your favourite brands, but also take the time to pay attention to the other brands that your target market are interested in. Watch their adverts, check out their websites and social media feeds and learn as much about their campaigns as you can, using social media to gauge how things are working, and what is getting talked about.

Utilize Social Media

When it comes to appealing to millennials, social media is a key tool. You need to be on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest if you want to do well. But, you can’t just share your content. You need to create engagement by running poles, replying to comments, answering questions and chatting as much as you can. Give real commitment to social media campaigns, and you’ll soon start to speak to your audience.

Understand Them

Millennials are different. They long for flexibility. 45% of millennials value flexible working schedules over higher pay, and 54% want to start their own business and avoid traditional employment altogether. They are less likely to stick to a job that makes them unhappy and spend fewer years in the same job. But, they are loyal to brands. Millennials with an iPhone have often never tried a different brand, nor would they. They shop in the same stores, they buy the same brands, and they know what they like. Use this to your advantage by building relationships and offering flexibility.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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