What To Focus On First When Building A Business



If you have just decided you’re going to start your own business, there are many things you will need to start doing, but if you aren’t sure what to focus on first; Here is a helpful guide of things you need to do next.

Target Audience

Everyone needs to have a target audience in mind. This will help you when advertising, and also making your company better in understanding your clients wants and needs. It’s one thing to know who you WANT your audience to be, and it’s another to realize who your audience actually ARE.

If you’re not sure, go out in public and create short surveys about what you’re selling. You’ll be able to see what kind of interest you are getting from everyone based on their gender and age.

Creating Your Brand

One of the most important things you will have to do when starting your own business is creating your brand. Once created, it will be very hard to change.

Do you have an idea for your company name? Or what about your logo? -These are all things that should be properly thought about before making anything certain. Your name and logo are the first things people look at, so bear in mind it needs to be something that’s easily understood within the first few seconds.

There are many companies out there like that specialize in helping you with this if you are struggling.

Work Environment

Always make sure you have a good working environment. You want people to feel not only safe, but happy to be there.

There are many ways of doing this, by creating good sources of light, to adding a few plants and even playing a little background music. These things are very subtle but will make a whole world of difference to your space.


If you want to run a successful business, you are going to need good advertising. You have to have a professional website, (preferably with your company name as the link!) And you will also want to brush up on your social media skills if you haven’t already. The more places people can see your name – the better. So open up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, post regularly with interesting facts, photos and videos about what you do, and how people will benefit from having you and your product in their lives. Once you’ve done that, maintain it. Interaction is key.


Whether you’re running a small business, or plan on going big, you may need some help. Consider employing people that can help build your business for the future. Make a list of all the jobs you need to do; this will give you a better image of what needs to get done. You can then think about hiring. Make sure you figure out exactly what skills and background a person has to have first, BEFORE starting your search. Otherwise, you may end up choosing the wrong person, which essentially wastes everyone’s time and ends in disappointment.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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