Event Swag: The Freebies To Give Away That People Will Love

In the past, we have written articles on how you can pull off the best event for your business. One thing that most companies do at corporate events is to give stuff away. Swag, freebies, call it what you will. The items given away to attendees get designed to keep the brand memorable in their minds.

The trouble is, some of the swag that businesses give to people is just trash. They are things that few people would seldom find useful. As you can imagine, it can be a marketing disaster if your brand gets known for giving away trashy swag.

What you will no doubt wish to do is give things to people that they will enjoy. The question is, which items are the most useful to event attendees? Here’s a roundup of the freebies that people are sure to love.


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Smartphone Chargers

Most people will spend several hours at an event like an exhibition or a trade show. As you can imagine, there are few opportunities to charge mobile devices like smartphones.

By the time attendees leave and head home, their smartphones probably have flat batteries. It’s even worse if you have a device with batteries you can’t swap out, like the Apple iPhone.

One functional item of swag you can brand and give away are smartphone chargers. You’ll get extra brownie points if they are the “power pack” type and are already charged up.

Tote Bags

It’s all well and good giving attendees freebies. But, how do you expect them to carry various items if they have nothing to carry them in? The simple solution to that problem is to give them tote bags.

With Dynamicgift bags and ones from other providers, you can select different style options. And, of course, you can have your company’s branding applied to both sides of the tote bags.

They are also a cost-effective way of marketing your brand. Especially as your attendees can repurpose your bags. What’s more, they will also provide you with a form of free advertising!


Let’s face it. The sun won’t always shine in the areas where you and your event attendees live. There will be plenty of times where the heavens will open up, and rain ensues.

If your event coincides with a rainy part of the year, you need to give away some umbrellas. Not just small ones that only get used once before they break. I’m talking about the big ones that offer plenty of advertising potential!


Believe it or not, t-shirts are a brilliant way to get your brand out there. Again, they are another form of free advertising for your business. The thing is, some companies get it wrong when they give away t-shirts.

To make your ones a success, don’t just stick a big version of your logo on the front. Make your tees stand out from the crowd. Add some cool designs, graphics and slogans to them. Make that the emphasis of your t-shirts – not your branding.

Doing so means that the recipients of your t-shirts are more likely to wear them on a regular basis.

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By John-Shea

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