Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Medical Practice Marketing

Hard as it may be to believe, medical practices are closing all over the country. It seems strange that such a thing can occur. After all, people need these services. No-one can really go without healthcare, can they? Unfortunately, it is possible for practices to shut down. This can happen when a government institution cuts funding for a particular medical practice. If they money they’ve been pouring into the facility isn’t being justified by the number of patients the facility treats? Then the facility could find itself in danger.

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Does this seem very fair? Of course not. But it’s a hard reality that we have to face. Even countries with free healthcare find themselves with this sort of trouble. This is all because, at the end of the days, the medical industry is a business. Even if patients are paying money directly to the clinic they visited, their presence their is still a sign of the clinic’s “use” in a given area. And if the frequency of “use” doesn’t justify the resources required to keep it running, then it may not keep running.

We could argue for a while about what “justification” means in this context. But let’s just move straight onto helping your medical practice get more visibility. Just like other businesses, your facility needs to engage in digital marketing. It needs to maintain an online presence if it’s to “justify” itself locally. Here are some tips you may want to consider.

Promoting the providers instead of the solutions

When people are online and looking for something that will help them with their medical troubles, they’re looking for a solution. They’re looking for the specific thing that is going to help them get better. But too many medical practices are making the mistake of promoting the companies that produce those products.

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This is especially prevalent in places like America. But it also happens in the United Kingdom. You’ll see promotions for companies like GlaxoSmithKline instead of a specific product they make. And it’s that product the user is looking for.

Getting traffic is only the first step

When people talk about digital marketing, they often talk about it in terms of traffic. It’s all about how many people visit a particular website. But the problem here is that traffic is actually the easier thing to get once you’re in digital marketing. It’s turning those visits into people who will actually engage with your practice that’s the tricky part.

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In order to successfully “convert” users, you may want to look into professional medical website design. The website of your practice doesn’t have to be cold and – for lack of a better word – clinical. It needs to draw people in. Don’t be afraid of using aesthetic tricks to do it.

Not paying enough attention

A lot of business owners simply don’t put enough resources into marketing. They don’t see it as unnecessary, exactly. They just see it as significantly less important than the several others things the practice does.

Of course, you’re working at a medical practice, so there is some justification to that thinking. A strong marketing budget may seem ridiculous to you. But a great marketing campaign can be one of the best investments any company can make. And in this economic climate, that definitely includes medical practices.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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