Don’t Lose Your Head! The Worst Business Start-up Scenarios And How To Solve Them



There are so many different problems an entrepreneur who has to keep their eye on that it can be incredibly stressful. When you own a small business, time is a luxury you don’t have. So, regardless of your inability to keep on top of everything, this could be when disaster strikes, from an IT disaster, to something that happens in-house. So, what are the worst case business scenarios that could affect you, and what’s the best way around them?

A loss of data

This is the biggest concern many businesses have now. If you are a small business and you don’t have the tools necessary to keep your information protected, and hackers infiltrate your systems, this data loss is going to have a profound impact on how you do business in the future, as well as loss of customers, and you may incur severe financial penalties. This is where outsourcing to another company comes in handy. There are managed IT services, like CyBerJaz that can keep an eye on everything for you. There are so many reasons to outsource key processes now, especially if you are running a small business and you can’t keep an eye on everything.

Physical damage

Much like losing your digital data, if something like a fire happens, you will be up the creek without a paddle. Physical damage is one of the most devastating things that could happen to a small business. It could wipe out your business entirely, meeting you have to start everything from scratch. Picking a base of operations that is safe is the first thing to think about, but also, if you are a start-up company that can benefit from a shared office scenario, then it’s best to take advantage of this. Instead of purchasing your own office building, by renting an office with a building manager that looks after the health and safety aspects, this is peace of mind for you.

A mass exodus

Everything might be going swimmingly, then all of a sudden, many employees end up leaving for various reasons. While you can’t always pinpoint the exact reason, it could very well be the fact that you’re not giving them what they need in this environment. Instead of worrying if employees are going to leave at certain points, you need to do what you can to make the working environment positive, productive, and nurturing for every single worker. This means providing security packages, such as health insurance, but also making sure that they are catered for on a personal level. Sometimes, employees aren’t happy for multitude of reasons, but this could have been something you may have been able to solve a long time ago if you had the foresight. Look after your employees as best as you can. In addition to this, the hiring process is always something that needs to be as comprehensive as possible.

These are three common business disasters that you can’t afford to have in the first year of your business, because you require all hands on deck. But so many businesses end up stopping before they take off, and it could be due to insufficient protection, either over your tech, your physical premises, or your staff. Make sure these three are in place.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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