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Sometimes business just isn’t what it used to be – or at least, revenue isn’t matching up to projections in a way that doesn’t make absolute sense. Uncovering the issues comes down to asking yourself two things. First, are the proper business processes in place to achieve business goals? And second, are those business processes being executed effectively? There’s a lot of room for maneuver within those two hypotheticals. What’s for certain is that without an online presence driving traffic towards your service or products, your business is an outdated dinosaur missing out on big gains. So how can you develop and improve your online presence?

Choose a marketing agency that can promote you in the right way

The benefits of subscribing to a well-run and fully equipped marketing agency are too many to list. Suffice to say that costs are lowered significantly for an expert service that is measurable and made to measure. That’s why you must make sure that your marketing agency is the right fit for you – don’t miss out on the amazing boost to business that the correct marketing agency can offer. If you were to research ‘help picking marketing agency’, you’d see that bringing in professional assistance at this stage is the ideal way to avoid wasting your budget on magic beans and empty promises. Aside from any other major issues that you may run into when choosing a marketing agency, size really does matter. For example, a small to medium-sized agency is going to want to impress in order to stay afloat. Larger agencies may focus more on big brands and you could find that your marketing budget is not being used effectively. Take advice early to make sure you aren’t burned later.

Upgrade to a professional website design

Remember all those really cheesy looking websites from the 90s? You know, the ones with a static background image of the night sky, and a thin scroll of text running down the center of the page, interspersed with occasional jpegs that bore no correlation to the adjacent text? There’s a reason those sites went out of fashion and web design became a serious lifelong employment opportunity. If your website looks more like you paid your teenage niece or nephew to build it half an hour one Saturday (because potentially that’s exactly what happened), you need professional help with web design. Don’t miss out on customers who will leave your site if the presentation doesn’t match up to the competition – we’re not suggesting people are fickle and are only interested in the shiniest apple on the shelf, oh no wait, yes, yes that’s exactly what we’re saying. True words have been spoken.  

Develop online authority

Your web presence can be greatly increased by becoming an authority within a niche. What does that mean? It means having the best content available to answer all of the burning questions that people ask when enquiring about your product or service. Spend the time. Research the topics. Create high-value content that is concise and actionable. Become the authority domain within your niche and others will start linking to your content, filtering more of that valuable Google juice towards your brand and boosting your organic ranking.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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