D&D: Why Design And Décor Matters In The Workplace

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Look around the office – what do you see? The answer is essential because the design and décor of the workplace directly impact success. This may sound farfetched, yet it’s the truth. Did you know unhappy workers cost the average American business up to $550 per year? Workers’ moods are directly linked to their environment; nobody wants to work in a prison cell-type atmosphere. So, companies that invest in using colors and textures to boost the ambiance should be able to reduce employee waste.

Below are four more reasons why the design of your workplace matters, and how it impacts success.

Let There Be Light

Natural light is one of the most important factors in the office. For one thing, opening the blinds and letting in the sun’s UV rays can help with your workers’ sleep patterns. Considering insomnia costs businesses an accumulated $400bn a year, it’s worth trying to exploit the daytime. Still, it’s possible to improve a person’s mood even if it’s dark outside. The right ambient lighting will trigger the brain to release serotonin and encourage people to feel happy and content. When this happens, they are likely to be productive and increase and maintain their levels of output.

Plant The Seed

A study by a university in the UK found that employers believed they were more productive with plants in the office. And, it wasn’t a small percentage either; it was 85%. The reality is that workplace greenery does affect – workers tend to be 15% more productive – yet not the amount who perceive there to be a change. What this means is that the right environment can trick individuals into thinking they are efficient. Because of this perception, the likelihood is their levels will skyrocket over time. After all, a happy worker is a hard worker.

Market Stall

Business set out their stall marketing-wise to try and influence customer purchasing decisions. Usually, this takes place on the Web or in the street or at their home. However, the office is a perfect place to take advantage of advertising too. Think of companies where shoppers are constantly coming through the doors, such as a healthcare firm. Healthcare graphics and marketing should reinforce their decision and make them come back. All you need to do is choose the stats which stand out and stick in their mind. For example, show them the services you offer and their effectiveness.

Do Not Disturb

Privacy plays a major role in a person’s life, and this extends to the workplace. Employees don’t want to feel as if something is watching all the time. They want the freedom to make decisions and do their work without being micromanaged. Interruptions cost the US economy over $580bn a year. So, using dividers or natural features in the office to provide cover will prevent waste. Yes, they may slack off, yet they won’t work as hard if they feel they’re being watched either.

From productivity to output and marketing, your décor matters. It’s time to treat it with the respect it deserves.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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