Coworking, Serviced Office or Lease? The Most Popular Workspace Options Explained.

Not all office space is created equal. With options ranging from virtual offices to long-term leases—and everything in between—it can be hard to know which is best for your business. Here’s workspace explained, so you have a little less Googling to do in your quest for the perfect workspace.

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Virtual Office

Basically: working from home disguised as an office. A great option for new businesses and freelancers, a virtual office gives your business some of the outward trappings of a professional outfit, without your having to leave your couch. You will have a professional business address and benefit from mail handling services. Add phone answering to the mix, and from the outside looking in, most customers won’t spot that you don’t have a ‘real’ office. A virtual office makes you seem more established than you actually are. Instead of listing your mobile as your business line, have your business calls fielded by a professional receptionist who then forwards the call to you. This sleight of hand creates the impression that you have a team of receptionists working for your company, which is not the case…yet! 


Gone are the days when the nine to five was the default workday. Nowadays, more and more people work flexible or unusual hours. Any coworking space worth its salt offers 24/7 access, so you’ll have the freedom to come and go as your work—and life—demands. The coworking crowd is largely youngish, motivated, and more than a bit competitive. Coworking is your bag if you’re the kind of person who works well independently, can avoid distractions, and likes to have a diverse group of like-minded peers to collaborate or bounce ideas around with. Short-term membership options and even pay-as-you-go access mean you get all the flexibility and independence you want, without sacrificing the community aspect of office life.  

Serviced Office

While pricey, a serviced office could suit your business if you’re in the market for a workspace solution that lets you focus on what you do best. This all-inclusive option lets you get on with your work without having to worry about getting set up with things like Internet or phones—even desks! Other hassles like IT issues, cleaning and maintenance are all taken care of. Front-of-house staff will answer your calls and handle your admin needs. And—to pile convenience on convenience—you pay for all this in one monthly bill. 

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Leased Office

By the time your business is fully established, you may have particular needs that a standard service office won’t be able to provide. If you dream of being handed the required square footage and then deciding for yourself how the space is used, leased office space could be right for you. If you’re frustrated by the unbranded space offered by a serviced office or coworking location, you’ll enjoy putting your own stamp on your leased office space. Fostering brand excitement in your workspace is great for morale and impressive to site visitors. Leased workspace is a good option if your business is sustainable enough to sign a lease for a significant period of time, and you’re up for the challenge of sorting your own infrastructure needs. While you won’t have everything laid on, you can still outsource if you’re pressed. Get a Business Network Consultation to simplify the IT side of things, or look into offsite Accounts or HR. 

Whether you’re a one-man band or an established brand, choosing the right workspace can be a watershed moment in the story of your business. 

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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