How Can Social Commerce Help My Business?

Many startups fail to reach their goals because they don’t marketing their story enough.
Your website might be beautifully designed and fully functional, but your numbers are still not looking good.
What have you done wrong?
Failing to see the importance of social commerce might be a good answer for a start.
A proper marketing strategy will get your company a fan base, steady revenue and recognition.
When we say digital marketing, we think of the plethora of possibilities the internet offers to sellers.
Whether your company offers services or merchandise, you need to get yourself a large following that’ll keep your business afloat.
Social media is not just a way to kill time, it is the most valuable marketing strategy of our time.

99% of top brands are active on Facebook, and 79% on Google +.

Consumers and big spenders are thankful to market giants like eBay for enabling them to buy whenever, for giving them a good value for their money. eBay’s Facebook page has an unbelievable following of 28.1 million fans, all of whom use it to get the best deals and products.

Facebook Messenger serves as an excellent customer service – the buyer discusses details with the seller and makes an informed purchase.

Now is the time for your business to bloom. 
Discover who your audience is, and make moves accordingly. Pinterest is a women-oriented social platform, so if you sell apparel, this is the place to be.
Facebook Marketplace is the favorite of wage-earners looking for furniture and collectibles, and Instagram is a modern gallery best suited for the youngest consumers stimulated by visual content.
23% of shoppers are influenced by social media recommendations.
Although people are buying from home, they still enjoy the social aspect of shopping – being able to connect with other consumers and seek their advice.
Social media and electronic commerce work together to give more exposure to sellers and more opportunities to buyers.
Every tweet can be a sale, every comment a new supporter.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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