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It’s no secret that marketing can cost money. While there are inexpensive and even free ways to market your business, it can get extremely expensive. Most marketing methods will cost you if you want to be successful. A lot of people cut their marketing budgets when the market takes a downturn. However, they should really increase it to improve their visibility. If you’re in charge of a marketing budget as a business owner or employee, you might want to raise your budget. But what’s the best way to go about doing it and making the most of the money you have available?


Employees: Ask for an Increase


If you’re a marketer working for someone else, you’re probably not in charge of your budget. It can be tricky when your budget is handed down from someone else. You’re the one spending the money, but you don’t have control over how much is there. Convincing the person in charge to raise your budget isn’t always easy. If you want to have success, you need to be able to show them how it will benefit the business. You have to show them how a bigger marketing budget will translate into profits. Make sure you use language they can understand to persuade them.


Short-term Boosts: Take Out a Loan

If you’re in charge of the marketing budget, you can decide to raise it when you want to. However, that doesn’t mean that the money is always there. If your marketing budget needs a short-term boost, you have options to obtain some funds. You might be aiming for a new campaign in the future, perhaps for a product launch. If you temporarily need a larger budget, a small business loan could help you out. It might help to boost your profits in the long-term too so you can have a larger budget in the future.



Cut Back on Other Areas

Another way to increase your marketing budget is to cut back on spending elsewhere. There could be areas of your business where you’re spending too much money. If you can identify these places, you might have more money to spend on marketing. For example, you might be spending too much on transaction fees for credit cards. There could be lots of places where you can find more money that could be part of your marketing spend instead.

Make the Most of Your Budget

Even if you have a smaller budget, it doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. You can still do a lot with your marketing budget using cheap and even free methods. For example, social media is extremely useful if you want inexpensive marketing. You can build your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. If you want to have success in a shorter time, it’s unlikely you can do it all for free. But you can get great value out of the money you do spend.

Don’t let a small marketing budget get in the way of your business success. Make sure you have enough to spend and that you spend it wisely.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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