What is the Best Pitch to Use When Reaching Out to Bloggers?

Bloggers are respected and trusted voices that can help get the product or services of a business in front of a large audience. They have engaged followings across multiple channels that allow a business to get their content in front of an untapped audience. While connecting with bloggers has several benefits, reaching out to bloggers can be hard.

Reaching out to bloggers should be an intelligently planned and well-thought process that is centered around an offer that provides mutual benefit. Although bloggers may not feature a business’ content if it doesn’t resonate with their audience, marketers should ensure that blogger take their offer to post content that appeals to their audience. In this article, we’ll demonstrate a few important points marketers should follow to create the best pitch for reaching out to bloggers.

  1. Do Research

Healthy Links recommends marketers to do their research before reaching out to bloggers. They should read the ‘about us’ page of the blogger, the ‘contact’ page and the latest posts. These things will provide them a sense of the kind of topics the blogger is focused on and whether or not they fit their brand.

  1. Connect with Bloggers Socially

Bloggers are active on social media platforms like Twitter. A marketer should try to establish their relationship with a blogger by following them on Twitter and other social media platforms. When a marketer stays connected with bloggers on social media platforms, they can get insights about the things a blogger is interested in. This helps marketers personalize their pitch.

  1. Personalize the Pitch

The pitch crafted to reach out to bloggers should be personalized with all the important details of the blogger. If a marketer has done their research and is following the blogger on social media platforms, they’ll be able to easily personalize their pitch. The first name of the blogger and some details that demonstrate to them that a marketer knows their work well should be included in the pitch.

The tone of the pitch should be professional. The message should be sweet and short. A couple of short paragraphs would do the trick. It should be easy for the blogger to skim. Otherwise they will not bother reading the message.

  1. Don’t Come Across as Sales-Minded

Bloggers are irritated by people who do anything to have their content featured on their blog. A person should never force the blogger to publish their content. A blogger understands their audience best and they won’t publish content that doesn’t appeal to their audience. Therefore, a marketer should leave it up to the blogger to decide whether the content is suitable for their audience or not.

  1. Cut Straight to the Point

Alex from Healthy Links says that this is the most important step to follow. If a marketer wants the blogger to feature their product in their blog posts or tweet about it, they should ask them. If they want the blogger to write a review about their service, they should tell them. A marketer should make their agenda clear to the blogger. The offer (what blogger will get in return for their service) should also be made clear.

A marketer should highlight how their product is beneficial for the target audience of the blogger. This will increase their chances of getting coverage from the blogger.

  1. Don’t Assume That Bloggers Have Time to Spare

Bloggers are busy people. Marketers shouldn’t assume that bloggers have time for them or their product. If the blogger isn’t replying to their mails, a marketer should give them a few days to respond. If a marketer keeps bombarding bloggers with emails about their offer, it will just irritate the blogger and ruin the relationship.

  1. Never Act like You’re Doing Bloggers a Favor

Bloggers provide marketers a service in return for a monetary compensation or gift. Therefore, marketers should never act like they are doing bloggers a favor by contacting them to have their brand published on the blog.

  1. Follow Up

A marketer shouldn’t stop the communication when the blogger has accepted their pitch or published the post. This will affect their relationship with the blogger and they won’t be able to reach out to them again in the future. Therefore, a marketer should continue speaking with the blogger on social media and stay connected.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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