A Bad Case Of Stupidus Marketing Strategius

There’s an interesting article on SageRock blog that is entitled: My kind says marketing is stupid – he’s right! Now that’s a little harsh, but there’s no denying that Sage has got a point. Marketing in its traditional form doesn’t work anymore – some might even suspect that it has never worked. In fact, if you need to market your product and it doesn’t work, then most growth hacking specialists agree that the product is probably bad. But, naturally, there’s another possibility that growth hackers rarely take into account because they’re experts in their field. They tend to forget that not everybody is an experienced marketing specialist – no offence, but if you’re not a trained marketer and think that you can tackle the challenge on your own, you need to think again. People who don’t have the in-depth experience of a growth hacker might damage their business reputation with poor marketing strategies, or, as we like to call it, it’s a case of stupidus marketing strategius.

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You’ve got no SEO return

If you’re investing a lot of time and money in your SEO strategy without seeing any positive result, it’s likely that you’re deploying very bad SEO strategies indeed. For a start, working without a link building plan is a complete aberration, as you have no way of maximizing your fresh content for SEO rankings. The quality of inbound links that your website receives is a determining factor of SEO results. If you only work on content creation and hope for the best, then you’ll never get any result. Additionally, if you choose to develop a link building strategy, you need to focus on attracting links to a variety of pages. In other words, linking to your homepage is not enough to outsmart the search engine. Your keywords need to be linked to the relevant content pages, and that is not your homepage.

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Your newsletter has got no engagement

If you have a monthly or weekly newsletter that is sent to all your clients, you must be checking at well the interactions that the emailing communication generates. A relevant newsletter is inspiring and valuable to your clients, or your partners, as it provides exciting news about the latest trends. As a result, a successful newsletter has a high opening rate, CTR and a low unsubscribe rate. These metrics are an indication of engagement. If they show that people don’t interact with your newsletter, it’s time to rethink your content or stop sending it at all until you get a proper copywriter on board. You’ll only bore people otherwise.


You only talk about yourself

Marketing is all about self-promotion. While it’s correct, self-promotion doesn’t mean that you should only be talking about your business. You need to create an emotional connection with your customers if you want their attention. An emotional connection is a part of developing loyalty in the long term. For instance, one of the common mistakes is to leave customers’ messages unanswered on social media. Ask yourself: Why should they buy from a company that ignores them? As there is no satisfactory answer to the question, you need to actively listen to your customers and make your communication personal and meaningful to their situation.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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