Back To The Old School: Real-World Advertising Methods That Work!

With emphasis on the internet, it’s no surprise business owners have forgotten about real-world advertising. While some of the old techniques won’t provide amazing results, plenty will. Considering that, we wanted to draw your attention towards some ideas you might like to add to your strategy this year. Believe it or not, focusing all your efforts online could damage your prospects. There are still many ways you can reach your audience using the methods listed below. Try them out this year and see how they perform. At the end of the day, they’re not expensive, and so you have little to lose.



Leaflets and flyers

If you have a quick announcement to make or you’re just trying to promote your brand, leaflets and flyers are the perfect solutions. You could either hand them out in local towns and cities or pay a delivery specialist to push them through doors. Just make sure they contain your logo and all the information someone could need about your operation. Use graphic designers to ensure your materials appear sharp and professional. You’ll also need to find a custom printing expert willing to undertake the job. So, now is the time to search online for a reputable printer with a good track record. Read reviews to ensure the company you choose always delivers on time and keeps clients happy.



Roadside advertising boards

There are thousands of roadside advertising boards all over this country. Millions of motorists pass them every day on their way to and from work. So, placing your logo on those boards could help to promote your brand. The process of making that happen isn’t as complicated as it sounds. There are firms out there that specialize in providing that advertising space to clients. You just need to contact an established agency and inquire about their prices. In most instances, you won’t have to break the bank. However, you might need to call your printer again and ask them to create the oversized graphic.



Catalogs and brochures

Companies that sell a lot of products will run an Amazon-style website in most situations. Even so, catalogs and other printed materials could help you to sell more products. Some people just don’t want to sit down staring at their laptop for hours. They’d much prefer a physical item they can browse while sat on the sofa watching the TV. Again, you shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money for the catalog or brochure. Plus, you can always make lots of savings if you choose to purchase them in bulk. As you might need a few thousand, you shouldn’t end up paying more than a couple of dollars for each.

If you do nothing else this year, returning to real-world marketing is essential. You still need to continue your online efforts. However, expanding your approach to include lots of old school methods is wise. Most of your competitors aren’t going to do that. So, the move could give you an advantage and help you to steal the lion’s share of the market.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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