What Areas Of My Business Should I Outsource?

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As a business, you are constantly trying to source new ways to help improve efficiency

productivity and general runnings. So that’s where outsourcing comes into play. You may already be outsourcing some aspects for your business such as recruitment and cleaning however there are a lot of aspects you can look to outsource to help give you more time to focus on other areas. Have a look at these ways you can outsource for your business.


This something that won’t apply to everyone as they may need very specialist people to complete sales training before you are able to sell products however it doesn’t mean that you can’t outsource for potential leads. This is where you outsource for databases of information hat could lead to sales. This information is normally gathered from people who have a general interest in your products or services before your own sales team calls. This means that your salesperson’s skills and expertise can be better utilized to handle clients and close sales, rather than making frequent cold calls. Not making cold calls will only increase your companies reputation.


Bookkeeping and accounting are major areas in the business that often get outsourced this is because it is just ‘one of those’ tasks that people put off and put off again until it’s a mess and needs to be done. You always have an option to outsource to an individual or team to take care of all your bookkeeping and accounting activities. You do have the option to just employ someone for day to day however this is becoming less popular. There are lots of benefits regarding your outsourcing your bookkeeping activities.

  • You can save you and your employees time, so more time for other areas.
  • It’s often the cheaper alternative to employing a full-time accountant for your business.
  • It will be experts who are dealing with it so this means expert advise and knowledge to hand.

Social Media

Social media platforms are no longer for personal use only and business are starting to take advantage of this. The only problem is that this now means finding the time/staff to look after this area for the business.  Nowadays, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are regularly used to advertise and use influencers. Advertising on these social media platforms is by no means an easy task. It takes time and commitment, and often someone solely dedicated to creating specific, interesting content. However, there is no need to stress about it, the increase in this type of marketing has also lead to a increase of individuals who specialize in these areas, perfect for outsourcing.

IT Services

This again is yet another area that is growing more and more popular to outsource. Using Managed IT Services not only allows you to spend much needed time on other areas such as marketing a new product launch or looking at a business plan it also means that you always have IT support available. Especially handy if your business relies on these systems to run such as a call center or sales department.

Do you have any other areas that should be outsourced? Please share them in the comments section below.

By John-Shea

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