Advertising: The Key to An Empire

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William Bernbach once said, “Good advertising does not just circulate information.  It penetrates the public mind with desires and beliefs.”

Information today can be readily available with a simple click of a mouse.  The key to this, however, is making sure that you stand out against your competitors.  In a copy cat world, you have to make your brand convincing enough to the consumer that they believe yours is the best.  A difficult task indeed.

Meet Flo

Take a look at the hundreds of insurance companies you have at your disposal.  There are boatloads of commercials on television in the insurance field. How do you know which is best for you?  More importantly, in the business’s mind, how do they make sure you remember their brand?

Visit, and you’ll immediately recognize the face that pops up on your computer screen.  If you don’t recognize her face, I’d like to introduce you to Flo. She is the Progressive Insurance spokeswoman.  She is memorable, trustworthy, and comical. People will remember her and the quirky, humorous Progressive commercials that are being made and will most likely research the company over other insurance companies first.  As a result, Progressive is one of the most successful insurance companies around. They keep it fresh, even though the company has been around since 1937.

They have developed selling tools that are intriguing to people.  They use the “Name your Price Tool” and the “Progressive Snapshot”.  These make the customers feel like they have some control over decision making and are not just being told what to do. People like to feel empowered and Progressive does a great job, in a highly competitive market, of standing above the rest.

User-Friendly Strategy

Another market that is difficult to stand out in is health and fitness.  There are so many informercials selling fat loss products, exercise equipment from your couch, effective diets, and so on.  

People who want to get in shape want to know exactly what to do.  Going to a gym can be intimidating and deciding on the right nutrition to supplement your body with can be mind-boggling.  Breaking information down into simplest terms will make the task less daunting and help the consumer stick with it a lot longer.  This comes down, once again, to robust advertising.

Take for example Peter Marino Super Fitness and Living. Visiting this page will provide answers to many health and fitness questions that people may have.  It is also extremely accessible in the social media realm. You can visit Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., to get instant access to their offerings.

An updated Blog about Health AND Fitness is available for you.  Because it is updated, it will keep the flow of traffic coming to their website.  You can view updated videos and advice to get you up and moving daily.

This stands out because it is relevant and constantly updated.  If you don’t reach out to your consumers on a consistent basis, they are going to move on to other interests.  Staying relevant and connecting with the consumers at their level will ultimately lead to more traffic and a fan base.

Branding is everything, and it is your job to make sure you are standing on top of the mountain looking down on your competition.  Because, as soon as you slip, someone will be next in line to take over your spot.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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