Accommodating Consumers At Your Booth

Going to an industry event is a time when you can share your most amazing ideas. Products that have sold well can be showcased like the top dog in your booth displays. Possible future products and or services can be teased so consumers can start talking about what they can expect or hope to from your business. Allowing consumers to try things in your booth is quite obviously in your best interest. To help them to experience something that you have created and are going to sell, but do so in the early stages of production will get your name out there in the gossip that circulates these events. A booth that only has visuals and perhaps testers is not good enough. You need to have something that people can experience with their hands. It will be a much better showing at the event, if you can have consumers taking pictures of themselves using something you are selling. Interactions are your main goal but by doing so, you will need to accomodate all different kinds of people just from your one booth.

Consider the sizing

Consider the size of your overall booth. If you are showcasing something inside the booth such as a prototype product, you need to allow all manner of people in. therefore you should consider how wide your entrance is as not everybody at the event is going to be the same size. You don’t want to have a space so small that only somebody who is slim can get inside. Factor in that there will be large and small people and try to get to a size where most people can fit. This goes for any chairs you might be using to allow people to sit on and experience something. Any kind of equipment or clothing that you’re allowing consumers to try on, must also accommodate the various sizes of people. You never want to have certain people not be able to try something you’re selling. Inadvertently it shuts out a group in the market and consumers feel uncared for.

Keep it sanitary

Booths that have things you can touch and try are going to come with their own risks and benefits. For example, if you are a company that makes headsets, there will be a few headsets that you bring to the event so those attending can try them on. However, you must be prepared to keep things clean and without risk to anyone. People won’t have the same level of hygiene as others and you don’t want bacteria from their hair, face and hands to be left on your headsets before someone else comes along and tries them on. Hang up some custom car air fresheners around the booth so any bad smells left behind by someone can be masked quickly. Since you can choose from 20 different fragrances you can create your own so if you want something that’s light and inviting, you can design it yourself. If you want something that is stronger, again the choice of mixture is yours. It’s also good to have bacteria wipes handy so you can quickly make the booth ready again for new consumers to have their own experience.

Taking one-off special requests

Since you’re at an industry event you want to do something that your competitors are not. This could be, giving those attending the event and more specifically your both especially, the chance to buy or win something unique. By taking one-off special requests to create something you allow yourself to become a social media trend. For example, if you are a baseball cap company, you can take special requests from fans who came to your booth by making them their own personalized cap. Make sure to get an agreement that they will post the cap on social media and take pictures of the booth and tell their followers where they got it from.

It makes people pay attention and see you in a positive light. You are showing that you’re flexible enough to make totally unique designs and give consumers something that they cannot buy anywhere else. You’ll be able to also show that you care about fans and take their feedback and ideas seriously. This is vital for strengthening your relationship with the consumers in your industry.

You can do all kinds of things to accommodate consumers at your booth during an industry event. Firstly keep things clean so no one feels dirty after coming to experience what you have to offer. Be open and even take special requests from some consumers and aim to get your name plastered all over social media.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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